Update from Sierra Leone


First is a prayer request:

Mohamed was involved in an accident with a Honda bike and he was thrown from the bike.  Along with the lecture he received from Safie about never getting on a  Honda bike, he sustained a dislocated shoulder and some cuts and bruises.  She said she recorded him screaming as they pulled on his shoulder to get it back into the socket.  Please pray that his shoulder will heal, that there will be no infection and that he will soon be able to use the shoulder again.



  • about 240 kids are in school and attending regularly
  • school kids are being fed twice per week
  • the bamboo fence around the church and the mission house is falling down and is being replaced with a brick fence for security.
  • Moravians in North Dakota had given Safie some bulgar wheat and beans to plant in the village.  She planted them, they germinated and looked good.  When she went back one week later it had all been eaten by bugs or animals.  So, she went back to planting rice which is doing well.
  • Mohamed went to Kenema and purchased about $2000 worth of food to help hungry villagers who were suffering from the economic hardships brought on by the Ebola quarantines from earlier in the year.
  • Rainy season is upon them and they are also stocking up food for the next week months when it will be too dangerous to travel too far from home.


  • Mohamed was not injured more seriously in the bike accident
  • Safie’s rice is growing nicely
  • Kids are attending school
  • Church attendance is high
  • Area churches are growing


  • Healing for Mohamed’s injuries sustained in the bike accident
  • Safety and protection as they travel about
  • Wisdom regarding border disputes around the school property


Update from Sierra Leone

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