Module 9: Team Covenant

Participating in a Short-Term Mission Team is an exciting opportunity to stretch your faith and see Christ use you in new ways. It’s also a serious responsibility because by making a commitment to a team you are representing Christ, your church, and in some cases a hosting ministry. As a group, create a covenant that is relevant to your mission experience. Include expectations you have for one another and yourself. Below is an example covenant, you can modify this one or start from scratch.

As a Member of this Short-Term Mission team, I commit myself to:

  • Daily cultivating my walk with the Lord.
  • Attempting to live above reproach publicly and privately.
  • Submitting to my team and church leaders.
  • Respecting and honoring the culture in which I am serving.
  • Participating fully in team preparation and training.
  • Meeting my portion of team costs either through support raising or personal payment.

Team commitment and Covenant

  • I agree to attend all training sessions prior to our departure.
  • I agree to complete all training assignments prior to our departure.
  • I agree to read the following statements, then sign and date:

I realize that being a part of this team is a responsibility as well as a privilege. I realize that I will be expected to…

  • Be committed to the team.
  • Have a positive attitude in all circumstances.
  • Be an ambassador of Jesus Christ as I proclaim His name in all the earth.
  • Obey the direction and leadership of those leading the trip.
  • Proactively serve during training, in mission, and at home.
  • Strive to be culturally sensitive to my host culture at all times.
  • Complete all tasks and studies as directed by the leadership of this team.

The following liturgy can be used in a Sunday morning worship service to include your congregation in the mission experience.

Liturgy of Co-missioning for Mission Ambassadors

God, you are our God, and we will ever praise you.

We will seek you in the morning, and we will learn to walk in your ways.

You are the one we turn to when we hear your invitation to be your disciples; when we feel the call to mission.

You, O Lord, provide strength and wisdom for each day and hope for the journey.

It is by faith in you that we respond to your call to serve.

We believe that you are our source of love and provide the resources for loving. We believe that you redeem not only our lives but also our actions so that our small human offerings have divine results. We believe that your Spirit empowers us to be all that you created us to be for your purpose.

Yet the call to serve can, at times, be overwhelming. The need before us is more than one person can handle alone.

We thank you, Lord, for calling us to work as one body. You call us to be in mission together – together with you, and together with each other.

Lord, we thank you for people whom you have joined together for your purpose. We thank you for those who are willing to step out in mission – your mission, our mission.

We thank you for people who live what they believe and believe what they live.

We thank you for the Spirit of Christ that dwells in us and is always with us, in (call out names of the mission fields) or wherever we might be.

(Team members): Go with us, O God, as we step out in faith.

(Congregation):   Be with us, O God, as we support them in our thoughts and prayers.

(All)   Bless and keep us all, O God, in your grace. May we all be protected by your power, comforted by your love, and strengthened for witness and service to all of creation in Christ’s name.



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