Module 1: Trip Logistics

Training through the Board of World Mission is a reflective process aimed at spiritual growth. We encourage each participant to keep a journal for both the training and mission experience.

The 7 T’s of missions is a process to guide your team through the planning stages of a mission experience. Please record your answers in your journal and be sure to take advantage of the resources provided by the BWM.

1. Talents

  • What special gifts has God given the team or individual? How can they be used to serve and build up the Body of Christ?
    • Special abilities and skills of team members; language skills, building maintenance skills, teachers, nurses, etc.
    • Individual responsibilities of team members (team structure and organization)
    • Any additional training or preparation that would be helpful

2. Target

  • What need has God called you to meet? Is it local or somewhere farther away?
  • How will your talents or assets help to meet that need?
  • How many people will be needed to staff your team?
  • Any special considerations related to the country or region to which you will be going?
    • Travel arrangements
    • Who is responsible for booking the flights? What is the timeline for booking?
    • What are the expectations, if any, of BWM?
    • Do all team members have passports valid for more than 6 months from date of departure? It is good to take along a photocopy (or 2) of the first pages of the passport and store it separately from your passport.

3. Task

  • Is our primary task to share the love of God and the Good News of salvation in Jesus Christ in word and deed by building relationships?
    • Platform or context in which this will take place:
      • Medical, construction, music, preaching, teaching, VBS, retreats, camps, sports, etc.
      • “If a house is built but relationships are destroyed, then we’ve missed the point!”
      • How are we called to “be Christ” in this particular context?
  •  What is our secondary task?
    • What materials are needed to complete it?
      • Where, how and by whom will these be purchased?
      • Are the materials available in the target region?
    • Participation and involvement of local people
      • Is this meeting their need or ours?
      • “Ownership” of the project
    • Sustainability – How can you make sure what you have done will have long-term results?

4. Team

  • Who are the ones that God is calling to be part of this particular mission?
    • Selection of team members
      • By region, by congregation, by special gifts or abilities, by age, etc.
      • Who is (are) the team leader(s) and what is their role?
    • References and recommendations
      • Local church leaders
      • Team leader
      • BWM or other church agency
      • Who makes the final decision concerning participation on the team?
      • Affirmation of leaders in target country or region
  • Any health, dietary or other concerns related to a specific individual on the team?

5. Term

  • How much time is needed for this mission?
    • Travel time and on-site time
    • Extra time for rest, relaxation, getting to know the area and fellowship
    • How much time is needed to accomplish the task (especially the more important task of beginning to build relationships)?

6. Training

  • Are you prepared in heart, mind and body for this experience?
      • Spiritual preparation
      • Mental preparation
      • Body (physical readiness)
  • Are you able to complete the online training through the BWM website?

 7. Treasure

  • How much will it cost?
  • How will funds be raised?
  • How can support of this mission be a part of the mission?
    • Sources of funding:
      • Local congregation and congregational groups, classes and committees
      • Fundraising events
      • (for Antioch Servants): Fundraising letter template from BWM
      • Friends and family (let them be a part of the mission “in spirit” or, as someone has said, “Put your money where your motto is!”)
      • Southern Province Mission Society
      • Aldridge Fund
      • NE Pennsylvania and other local mission societies
      • BWM Antioch team grants
      • Regional Conferences of Churches
      • Other sources
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