Clínica Evangélica Morava

Clínica Evangélica Morava Featured in USA Today

The USA Today published an article contributed by Rick Nelson, the interim director and a consultant with the Honduran Moravian Church and Alas de Socorro, a missionary air service. The article highlights the importance of the Clínica Evangélica Morava to the predominantly Mískito population it serves. The clinic has served these people for over 70 years, having just celebrated its […]

2016 Ahuas Mission Trip

Jamie Lynne Dease –  As an elementary teacher, I have many opportunities to help my students and fulfill their needs. Between tying shoes, giving permission to use the bathroom, offering small group instruction, and learning about students’ home lives, I hope that I make some small difference in their lives. For Moravians, a mission is […]

Patients Restored to Health In Ahuas

I wrote to some of you about a three year old girl from the upriver village of Waxma. Having fallen off the steps of her home, she suffered a fracture just above the elbow. With no medical care available in their village, the family traveled down the Patuca to reach the Moravian Clinic. Her cries […]

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