Sierra Leone Update November 2016

The following is an update on the work happening in Sierra Leone from our missionary partners Mohamed and Safie:

My brothers and sisters,

I feel like singing:

‘count your blessings name them one by one

count your blessings name them one by one, See what the Lord has done for you’.

As we come to the end of 2016 approaching 2017, Safie and I

have so much to thank God for that singing it out will not adequately express our appreciation for all that God has done through our brothers and sisters, the saints from the Carolina and Florida, and Czech Republic and all those that help in their financial contributions and prayers.

The solar is up at Moravian Secondary School and there is plenty solar energy to power the whole school and plus.  We the people here in Ngiehun and Moravian Mission in Sierra Leone are very grateful for this blessings.

Ten years ago Safie and I never thought we will have light and a running water here in the village. At that time Safie’s dream was one day we will have cold ice tea in the village.  Today that dream is a reality.  We thank God for that.

Ten years ago when we vacated our house in Charlotte, N.C, little did we dream that this day we will have a house in Charlotte, Luawa-Yiehun, Sierra Leone.  In 2014 while we were in Charlotte awaiting the ebola problem, we were able to sell our house for too less money than we expected.  With the money plus some more,God has blessed us with a better house in the village of Luawa-Yiehun. And the location and area of the house in the village is called Charlotte.
Just about the time the village and the school had the solar power, God also blessed us with phone coverage.  An African phone company has recently built a tower near the village.  Now we can phone from every part of the village without problem.  Reception is available in the village the surrounding areas.
With the phone reception now available my teachers are asking that we install internet in the school and even have a plasma TV in the staff room.
It is possible that comes next academic year the school will have a senior secondary added to the Junior secondary now operating. To have a power to operate a computer lab was one of the requirements.  The problem is solved.  We have one more good problem and that is to be prepared with equipment to have a laboratory.  Hope that by that time God will bless us with used lab. equipments that the school can use.
The Sierra Leone government has in writing granted us the ok to operate as a secondary and has even started sending qualified teachers with government salary to teach in our school. But we are still waiting for the government to do more, like giving us school furnitures.  The government has not yet approved our board of governors that over see the school.  At present, we have about 245 pupils in the school.  Lunch is still provided for the students.  As yet, now that we have solar power and ten computers, we looking forward to hiring a computer teacher.
With the ebola problem behind us, up to date we do not know any convincing explanation as how the ebola started.  Many people believe it was man-made problem, possibly to make biological weapon.
We thank God that the three churches are doing well and expecting to spread to two other areas pretty soon. The youths in the three churches are doing well, organizing them to do something for the three churches.

With the wood carvings of the Magi visiting Baby Jesus and Mary and Joseph, we are planning to have Christmas play commpitition.  In this compitition the youths are to have plays, christmas plays of any settings and we will grade them and give them prizes.

We thank God that our Old Faithful 1996 Land Cruiser is srtill running good with minor problems like the seat adjustment nolonger working, the roof is leaking, etc.  The major problem is that it started shaking violentingly and we do not know how to fix it.

The Mbaoma Moravian church will have their first baptism with our Bishop and our Judy Ganz officiating.  We are expecting to have plenty candidates that day with children.  That Sunday will also be the Youth Sunday.

So much to thank God for that all Safie and I can do is to sing out to God and all our donars and our prayer worriors like you.  Our ‘thank you’ goes out to all the Moravian churches in the US and Czeck Republic. God bless you all
Mohamed and Safie.
Sierra Leone Update November 2016

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