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Meet your fellow Moravian, Brandon Korns.

  From Dover, Ohio, Brandon attends church at the Dover First Moravian Church.He will be officially completing his education at Akron University this coming August where he will be earning a Bachelor’s in Business Administration Degree in Supply Chain & Operations Management. Currently, Brandon works as a product planner at the Graco Manufacturing Company, but he will be taking his skills to Ariel Corporation as a “Buyer” in August 2017.  His future career goals include becoming a leader/ champion for his company in a supply chain role, start his own business, or get elected to lead a not-for-profit.

This past coming year, Brandon attended the Board of World Mission’s second FIT First Retreat in September. FIT stands for Focused Intensity over Time with the purpose of the retreat trying to help young adults discern questions like “How and where do we/you/I FIT in God’s mission?” This event was created to be really geared towards young adults who are either considering participation in missions, or have recently had mission experiences.

When asked about his experience at the retreat, Brandon had a lot to share:

I attended FIT first this past year and the experience was absolutely fantastic – Wisconsin is truly gorgeous and so are its people. I got to meet many leaders and visionaries in the Moravian Church both domestic and abroad and that might have been the coolest part of the weekend! FIT first allowed the participants and staffers alike to explore the mission field, hear domestic and international experiences and see what it was like to be a missionary now or some 30 years ago. This experience showed me that you don’t have to travel to a third world country to be a missionary (shout out to Tricklebee Café!!!!) – we are missionaries every day. We put a smile on somebody’s face or give someone a hug, showing them god’s true love for one another.

I met some great people and two of them had the most amazing mission experiences right in their own backyards. One was studying to become a minister and still manage to cut hair part-time and spread the word in both roles; I absolutely don’t have the strength or charisma to take that on. The other, created an organization about inclusivity on his college campus, and while this may not seem like mission-work to some, it did to me because he does it out of the kindness of his heart and love for others. These Moravians inspired me to do more, to do better, and to right by God and the love he has for us.

I hope to use the skills I learned and stories I have heard to lead better and to treat others in a more Christian manner. I have learned that everybody has a story, and honestly, they are all unique in their own way, difficult or easy, and they are all worth listening too. The mission field is our natural environment and if we can do our diligence reminding ourselves of that, then others will follow by precept and example and what a cool place this world would be huh? Sign me up.

Man – what a whirlwind experience, potentially the most groundbreaking & coolest thing I have done as a Moravian in my 22 years of living, all college-aged youth need to get to this event.” 


FIT First Retreat 2016

Moravian Mission: Share Our Stories

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