Share Our Stories: Lauren

Meet your fellow Moravian, Lauren Stewart!

Home Church: First Moravian Church of Uhrichsville

College: Freshman at University of Mount Union

Major: Nursing

Career Goal:  Hopes to eventually get a job in Haiti as a nurse.

Lauren’s Story

God has called me to do mission work , and Despinos, Croix des Bouquet, Haiti is where He led me!

Imagine Missions is the name of the orphanage and school where I go. On my first trip in January of this year, I had the opportunity to visit a local hospital where the orphanage had just taken a very sick baby, named Marvens to. Being able to see the hospital and give medicine and feed the weak babies solidified me wanting to be a NICU nurse. On this trip our goal was to build clothes lines in the orphanage and build cupboards and serving tables for the team house.

I fell in love with everything about this incredible place and was able to return in April during Easter. We had an Easter egg hunt with the kids and got to teach them how to color Easter eggs. Our big project this time was to build an office in the orphanage which would be really important because it would be the first thing parents who were thinking about giving up their kids to the orphanage would see. This office would show them that this place was safe and could provide a lifelong home for their kids.

On my first trip , an 18 year old girl dropped off her 7 month old baby at the orphanage , and I fell in love with her. I became the sponsor mom to this precious baby Darlencia, and she has my entire heart. It is truly incredible to be able to support a child in ways of nutrition, schooling, and most importantly love, even though you may not be physically present in their lives everyday. The kids at the orphanage want to love you as much as you want to love them, and I praise God everyday for letting them become apart of my life. I will be returning in December of this year and cannot wait !

Share Our Stories: Lauren

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  1. I am so very proud to be a friend of this beautiful, caring young woman! No doubt she will fulfill her dreams!!

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