Kenya – Ray of Hope Orphange


Serve on a team in Kenya at Ray of Hope!

Location: Ray of Hope Orphanage, Kenya
Date: Summer 2019
Age: 18+
Cost: $3,000

Ray of Hope is looking for groups to help address needs with their preschool/primary school,  the clinic, and an agricultural project. If you have skills in early childhood, pediatrics and prenatal medicine, or in sustainable, high intensity urban gardening skills, as well as bee keeping, this is a perfect opportunity for you.

The team is in need of teachers or future teachers, folks with general carpentry skills, health care folks, and / or college students.

Dates for the trip are being planned for the summer of 2019.1382963_629032043804338_615858483_n

Costs would include round trip airfare, a photo safari, two nights in a Mombasa hotel, and room and board at Ray of Hope.

The trip requires immunizations and VISAs so we encourage those interested to begin planning early.

For more information on Ray of Hope visit

HOW TO APPLY:  If you are interested in taking part in this experience, e-mail Cynthia Williams ( or call her at (336)978-2554.

Kenya – Ray of Hope Orphange

4 thoughts on “Kenya – Ray of Hope Orphange

  1. My name is Steve Nye, I am trying to get in touch with Michael Tesh who is working at the Ray of Hope in Kenya. His father was my cousin, I recently reconnected with Michael’s uncle, David Tesh and he shared with me the great work that Michael is doing. I want to connect with him since we’ve never met, and I have such fond memories of his father that I would like to share with him. Please provide contact information or forward to Michael to allow him to reply directly.


    Steve Nye

    1. Hello Steve,
      Sorry for such a delayed response, I just received your inquiry from February.
      Please provide me with your email address at my email below and I will send along with your message to Michael.
      Thank you,
      Jill Kolodziej
      Director of Mission Service
      Board of World Mission, Moravian Church, NA

  2. Hello Tory,
    The team that is or has formed for Kenya is being organized outside of the Board of World Mission. Please contact the woman, Cynthia Williams, about this opportunity.
    Please let me know if you are able to make contact with her.
    Jill Kolodziej
    Director of Mission Service
    Board of World Mission, Moravian Church, NA

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