Refugees Leave Burundi

I invite your prayers for the nation of Burundi, the Moravian Church in Burundi, and other surrounding Provinces of our church.

May 24, Br. Jørgen Bøytler, Unity Business Administrator, reported that, due to political unrest,  between 100,000 and 200,000 citizens of Burundi, have left the country for neighboring Tanzania, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.    Burundi is a Mission Province supervised by the Moravian Church in Western Tanzania.  Br. Ezekiel Yona, PEC chairman of the MCWT, reports that there have been some Moravians among these refugees.

May 25, Br. Charles Katele, PEC chairman, Lake Tanganyika Mission Province, reported that 200,000 refugees are in a camp near Kigoma, with many also staying in schools and churches (some of which have been closed to accommodate the influx).  He reports as many as 39 deaths among refugees due to illness.   (We have no specific information about illness or deaths among any Moravian refugees.)

Br. Bøytler appeals for “your intense prayers for peace in the country, your prayers for the people, your prayers for the brothers and sisters of the Moravian Church in Burundi.”

Financial assistance may be needed to support Provinces in the area as they respond to this crisis, and for the Burundi Mission Province.  Details will be provided as the situation and needs become clear.

Rev. Judy Ganz

(as received from Rev. David Guthrie)

Refugees Leave Burundi

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