Prayers for Family and Friends of Yonai Gonzalez

Please read the note below from BWM Board Member Joe Jarvis regarding the passing of a good friend and mission partner from the Moravian Church in Cuba.

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It is with sad news that our dear friend and brother in Christ Yonai Gonzalez passed away this afternoon.   I know that most of you did not know him, but I would just like to share a few things about our friend.

Yonai lived in a village in Australia, Matanzas, Cuba with his wife and 2 young pre teen children.  He had been battling colon cancer for several years.  Yonai had a farm close by in Quemado Grande where he took much pride in raising his crops.  2015-11-16 01.41.18Fruit and produce from the farm not only helped support his family, but he also would give much away to the church and needy in the community.  Yonai had more faith in his little finger than most of us have in our entire body.

2015-11-16 01.48.56He had been working on a thatched hut on his farm to serve as a place of worship for the church in the community.  He completed it this past year without any financial support other than his own.  We visited with him this past June and even though he was suffering with much pain he wanted to show his farm to the ones on our team that was there for the first time.

Yonai taught many people about life and faith (including me).  He will be missed by many.

Please keep his family in your prayers as they go through this trying time.

Yonai is the young man with the gray shirt and hat.

RIP my good friend.

Joe Jarvis

Prayers for Family and Friends of Yonai Gonzalez

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