Prayer Request for Nicaragua

Please take a moment to read the following request for Prayers for the people of Nicaragua. There are many, many, Moravains throughout Nicaragua. The impact of this violence, and ongoing tensions are being felt across the country.

Please offer prayers and share this news widely.

The following is written by Rev. Tracy Robinson, currently a pastor in Bethlehem, PA, and a native of Nicaragua:
My brother and sisters all around the world, it is with a heavy heart I direct this request for prayer at this time. Please pray for peace for my country, Nicaragua. I’ve been here in Nicaragua for the past 2 weeks and since my time here we have had so many things happening that should be a concern to all.
It all stated when the largest forest got on fire, then it escalated when the government announced that they did not have enough money to pay for retirement and was even asking the elderly to pay more for their medical care. And so the families started protesting about those issues and the police were treating the elderly harshly so the student in one of the colleges started protesting and the police came and shot a couple of them.
Then the president changed his mind about the previous social security decisions but by that time it was too late. Too many kids were already dead. So now it turned out into a bigger issue, because the government would not own up to the fact that the police killed the unarmed kids. And so up to 80 percent of the country wants the president and his wife who is the Vice President out of the country. We are still having more deaths every day. If this does not stop we are then headed into a civil war. I cannot say more right now, because all the media’s are being monitored and we are still here not knowing if we would be able to get out.
The Atlantic coast of Nicaragua is much quieter than the rest of the country, however, with the increase of gas prices this area is getting ready to ignite. By Monday (May 14th) things are going to get a little more volatile even over here on the Atlantic coast. It is is so unfortunate that these things are happening all over again. History keep repeating itself.
The month of May was supposed to be the month of the Workers, the month of May Pole celebration, Mother’s Day and it has turned out as the month of mourning. The Catholic Church has taken on a big task to mediate for the people of Nicaragua. Last night the archbishop stated that the people of Nicaragua gave the government of Daniel Ortega until the 15 of this month to answer their demands of dialogue, responses to the killings and provide a way out of this situation. However, most of the priest hood of the Catholic Church has requested that the President and his family leave the country. Most of the other churches has remained quiet for fear of retaliation. Or they are supporters of this regime. One thing I am sure of is that this country remains a Sandinista country. The difference now is that the Sandinistas have stepped away from their leaders and so there emerged another group called Orteguista. One group the Sandinistas is with the people while the other the Orteguistas are followers of Daniel and his group. Two completely different group. Let me know if you need anything more.

Gold afternoon. Yesterday we had to go out and get food because we heard that there were no more transportation coming from Managua and that on Monday there will be a complete shut down. Today they are controlling the amount of food you can buy and it is running out. Next week will be very critical for all of us. Keep us in your prayers.
Prayer Request for Nicaragua

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  1. Besides those happening in my Country Nicaragua, there are a big mess also is trying to extend our Moravian Church here in Nicaragua where our Superintendent Rev. Joseph Rivera in companion with the Rev. Leonardo Joseph who is the Board Secretary make a falsification of a Documents to make changes of the Status Book of Order for the Moravian Church in Nicaragua stating that there was a Congregational meeting held last November 28- 2017 where 316 was gather in a tiny office where just about 12 people could hold space there, and that the Documents was voted unanimous from all the different members that was there ( things that never happens )and after 10 months today is shows up in the Government Official News Magazine ( LA GACETA ) some Reverends, Pastors and Bishop read the Documents and found out that there was 17 different anomalies that our Church never intend to do so…It is sad to see this kind of Person with a Tittle of Reverend and with that kind of positions are trying to take the Church like his own Property and going over his own people that selected him to take part of that very serious role. The attitude of this man is just as the same as how our President is doing with our Country, obligating , demanding and ordering what he want to do with our Church. Today l want to ask every Christian abroad the world Moravian’s or not to Pray for our Church and that we find a solution to not permitting this goes far as how it is now, and if you have any idea to help contribute to finish with this kind of person that is only damaging the good images of the Moravian Church here in Nicaragua please send us your support to: srenes1803 … Surely appreciate your Comments and Support…

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