Peru Challenge!

Help the BWM Raise Funds to support the growing church in Peru!

What’s new in Peru?

Peru is a “mission area” of the Worldwide Moravian Unity under the supervision of the Northern Province, and a new work area of the BWM.


The Moravian Church in Peru was founded in August of 2011 in the city of Chiclayo. In the short time since then the church has grown to include 4 congregations across 2 departments (like states in the U.S.) with nearly 150 members! In August 2015, a National Conference was held to help the church establish its Book of Order and elect its first national board.

Good Problems

The great “problem” facing the church in Peru today is that, as the congregations grow, they no longer can fit in the homes they used as worship spaces! These congregations have now started renting spaces to use for worship and ministry, and the BWM has committed to help cover the costs of this rent short term as they grow into their new settings. Speaking of growing, the Peru churches are working on a plan with the hope of growing to around 300 members, nearly tripling in size from April 2014!


Raise $15,360 this year to support the Peru worship space rentals through the end of the year.

The Math

The cost of renting one worship space for one month ranges between $200-450. Altogether, $1,280 can cover the cost of the current rentals for four churches for one month. The BWM wants to raise a year of rent!

If your congregation is interested in sponsoring one specific congregation, please let us know and we can connect you with more information from any of the four churches in Peru!

Lima – “Somos Uno” (Rev. Manuel Verastegui) and “Rey de Gloria” (Pastor Ana Maria Huamán)

Chiclayo – “Misión al Mundo” (Pastor Walter Calle) and “Rhemanente” (Rev. Christopher Valencia)

How can YOU help us support the ministry of our Moravian brothers and sisters in Peru?


How to Donate:

Give online at and put “Peru” in the comment box to designate your gift.

Mail your check to the BWM with “Peru” in the memo line:

In the U.S.:
Board of World Mission
PO Box 1245
Bethlehem, PA 18016

In Canada:
Moravian Church in Canada
600 Acadia Drive SE
Calgary,  AB T2J 0B8


Peru Challenge!

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