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Pennsylvania Miss Amazing is looking for volunteers for their event on April 9th at the Moravian College in Bethlehem, PA. Miss Amazing Inc is an organization that works to help girls and women with disabilities gain confidence in a supportive environments. Individuals would be ‘buddies’ to the participants and help to encourage and support them throughout the day. No experience is necessary. Other roles, such as working a video-camera are also available. 
 According to, unemployment rates are highest among women with disabilities; they are also the poorest and most marginalized among people with disabilities. According to a 2007 study published in Social Science and Medicine, the social environment in which women with disabilities live is consequently hostile and perpetuates stigmatization and exclusion. As a result, our communities miss out on the contributions that girls and women with disabilities are fully capable of offering, and the self-esteem of girls and women with disabilities remains significantly lower than that of girls and women without disabilities.
This is where Miss Amazing comes in. By providing a platform for girls and women with disabilities to share their abilities and strengths, Miss Amazing is increasing the visibility of girls and women with disabilities and dispelling harmful stereotypes. Our work results in more inclusive communities, enriched by the value that girls and women with disabilities are ready and willing to give back. Miss Amazing also is currently working to redefine the meaning of beauty, and to create a society that sees beauty as more than appearances through a #thisisbeautiful movement. miss amazing2
Miss Amazing is a non-profit, and all of the money raised goes directly to putting on an annual event in order to provide this opportunity for these women. The registration cost for the participants is also only 5 canned food items, which are then donated back to the community, in attempts to forgo any obstacles for women to participate, as well as then to be able to give back to the community.  All of the participants receive a t-shirt, trophy, and crown for participating. Other costs include t-shirts for volunteers, dinner, insurance, banners, etc. 
Any one wishing to donate to help our cause (both monetary and in-kind donations) can go to
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Pennsylvania Miss Amazing

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  1. How can my daughter enter into this event? She is 17, has Down syndrome and is a mime. She can present one of her mimes.

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