Patients Restored to Health In Ahuas

I wrote to some of you about a three year old girl from the upriver village of Waxma. Having fallen off the steps of her home, she suffered a fracture just above the elbow. With no medical care available in their village, the family traveled down the Patuca to reach the Moravian Clinic. Her cries filled the hallways as we started work in the morning. After administering an anesthetic, Dr. Ovelio, Nurse Brigida, X ray Tech Miqueas and Anesthetist Ricardo worked to reduce the fracture and apply a cast. The much happier little patient went home the following day.

Three weeks ago after devotions, Dr. Ovelio shared with employees the case of a woman from Krupunta who was not responding to treatment. Several staff persons accompanied him to the patient’s room where they prayed. The following day the recovered and healthy patient walked the two+ miles to her home. You can form you own opinion as to the reason for her recovery — prayers or medical treatment. (I choose the former.)

Update from Rick Nelson in Ahuas, Honduras

Patients Restored to Health In Ahuas

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