Mission Meals

The Board of Mission would like to present a new fundraiser: Mission Meals!

Have you seen those new services willing to send food and a recipe to your home? Well, the BWM is getting in the game as a fundraiser for our mission grant program. Try a recipe from our mission partners, and have the proceeds go to support the work of the BWM around the world. Now, that is a meal with a mission! So, we are calling this effort: “Mission Meals!”

How Does It Work?

One way some ministries have worked to help address the immediate need of hunger is to pack meals, often a rice based meal, domestically and then ship those meals to people overseas. The BWM wants to help grow economic capacity so people are not reliant on food coming from abroad.

Enter Mission Meals!

In this case, you purchase a meal to try out a recipe used in one of our partner areas, and by doing so, support our mission grant fund to provide start-up capital for new projects and initiatives around the world. The proceeds are sent to mission partners and represent a more sustainable future than just one meal can provide.

What Are Mission Grants? Why Should I Support Them?

The Board of World Mission works to promote leadership development, mission outreach and economic strengthening for our global partners. One way to do this is through our mission grant program. These grants support items like scholarships in Honduras, stewardship workshops in Tanzania, and mission outreach in Alaska. Other examples include startup funding provided to congregations in Peru to begin small businesses that create jobs and support their growing ministries. The goal is to help ministries become more sustainable and thus reach more people. Help us grow our fund to support sustainable missions!

Some Donation Options: 

$5 – Plantable Bookmark containing seeds: That’s right, receive a bookmark you can plant in ground, representing how you are helping this ministry grow!

$10 – Single Package (serves 2-3) : Receive a single pack of rice and beans, along with the recipe to try it at home!

$25 – Three Pack (serves 6-8) : Receive 3 packs of rice and beans, and invite some friends to join you for dinner!

$50 – Bulk Rice and Beans Donation: In this case, we don’t send you a bulk supply of rice and beans, but you will have helped purchase the items needed to fulfill our other orders, and in this way your donation will multiply, helping the idea of Mission Meals to have an even bigger impact!



Mission Meals

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