Missionary Nora Adam Passes

With hope in the resurrection, I share with you that Sr. Nora Adam, widow of Br. Lorenz Adam, passed away this morning, January 28 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, as a result of an aortic tear in her heart. The Adams served together both in the mission field and in congregations in the Northern Province. Nora and Lorenz served at the clinic in Ahuas, Honduras in the 1970’s. She was a member of the Lake Auburn Moravian Church in Victoria, Minnesota. I invite your prayers for her son Murray and his family in this time of grief and thanksgiving for a life well lived. Arrangements are not known at this time.

“Jesus, still lead on till our rest be won;

heav’nly leader, still direct us, still support, console, protect us,

till we safely stand in the promised land.” (MBW 799)

Lord of all life, we give you thanks for Nora’s long and faithful life, her godly example, and the many ways she blessed and encouraged us. Embrace her family as they grieve and assure them of our ongoing prayers of resurrection hope.


The Rev. Dr. Betsy Miller

Missionary Nora Adam Passes

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