MDR: Volunteers needed to rebuild School on St. Thomas

Volunteers needed for rebuilding teams to help build classrooms at the Moravian Memorial School on St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands.

Cost: $400

The estimated cost of the trip will be around $900, which includes airfare, meals while on site and accommodations. The BWM is helping to heavily subsidize the trip, lowering the cost to participants to $400. Sleeping arrangements will be cots set up in the Memorial Moravian Church compound.

Dates of service:

Team 1: July 18 – 25

Team 2: July 25 – August 01

Team 3: August 01-08

Team 4: August 08 – 15

Team 5: August 15 – 22

Work to be done requires skills in demolition (week 1 and possibly week 2) & also reconstruction. This will be heavy-duty work. Ultimately, there will be painting of the classrooms.

The Moravians of St. Thomas have a goal of having the school open to receive students on August 27.

The nature of the work for each of the weeks will be dependent upon the work that is accomplished in the prior week. The needs will be communicated prior to departure.

A list of items for serving in this capacity will be provided. Volunteers will be asked to provide their own work gloves, masks, goggles, etc. Tools will be available on site.

Teams are limited to 6 people. Due to the urgency and timing of this service please contact us to your interest as soon as you are able.

Please contact Jill Kolodziej, Director of Antioch of the BWM, at or call at 920.256.9472

MDR: Volunteers needed to rebuild School on St. Thomas

3 thoughts on “MDR: Volunteers needed to rebuild School on St. Thomas

  1. I really wish I could do this, and I’ve been wanting to do some more involved volunteer work with BWM for some time now. Shelia sometimes tells me about different opportunities ever since I expressed interest several months back.

    I don’t think I can afford St. Thomas at the moment. And between Unity Youth Tour basically all of August (which I am committed to attending), and family vacation end of July (27th through August 1st or so), I will be cramming in as much BCM and freelance work I can get done before and between those events.

    If there is any other way I can help even in a small way, or if other opportunities come up later, please let me know.

    Thank you for the important work that you do. And I hope you find the volunteers that you need!

  2. I may be available for the entire project as I’m on disability. If I don’t hear from a job that I applied for by Monday- Friday of next week.
    I helped with the build out of the Common Ground Cafe. This can be confirmed be
    Rev. Ian Edward
    I have basic knowledge of all the the trades. My father was an electrician until his retirement.
    I would be pleased to help.
    My name is
    Steve Perrault
    I’m 50 yrs
    But enjoy helping others in need

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