Serve as an Antioch Servant in Labrador!1.  Moravian Summer Youth Camp 2014 at Little Bay South (Hopedale)

Camp Director for a 5-day camp in a natural setting on the Atlantic coast for Moravian children ages 10 – 15.  An interactive camp program working through Sarah Jensen and the Rev. Glenna Tasedan for cultural guidance.  The setting is the beautiful Nunatsiavut camp & conference center with immediate access to fishing/wildlife/swimming/boating and a capacity of approx. 25 people including a cook and caretaker.  We will provide the setting, 4 camp counselors, a music coordinator/counselor/minister, caretaker, transportation to and from, food & lodging in Hopedale & Happy Valley prior and post camp, and transportation to and from Hopedale out of Happy Valley Goose Bay.

Happy Valley Moravian Church is seeking:

2.  Happy Valley Moravian Church summer Vacation Bible School (Happy Valley Goose Bay)

VBS Coordinator for a 2-day program for children ages 4 – 12 at the Happy Valley Moravian Church.   Church will provide additional leadership.  Program can either be on the church grounds or a camping site, i.e. Labrador Christian Youth Camp.  Date will coordinate with the Moravian Summer Youth Camp 2014.  [Teams/groups welcome].  Food/lodging  will be provided.

3.  Happy Valley Moravian Church Restoration of Sanctuary Project

Removing existing wood siding and sanctuary windows.  Install insulation.  Putting in new windows and new wood (or other selected siding) siding, priming and painting if necessary.  Materials provided.  Most tools provided but persons/team may wish to bring their own personal ones.  Food/lodging provided.

4.  IT Person(s) able to install a complete sound system for Annex & sanctuary.

There is an existing one, but needs significant work and is only a temporary solution.  System needs:  sound system board, installed microphone in sanctuary or lapel mike system, power point & projector mounting with remote access and dvd capability w/ remote access and sound system coordinated. Mounted screen exists.  Materials will be provided.  Food & lodging will be provided.

Items #3 & 4 may seem like tasks that might be easy to handle locally, but they’re not as Happy Valley has limited qualified IT persons, and b) Happy Valley has an extreme housing shortage (average cost of new home, $300,000.00)  thereby making it almost impossible to contract someone to do the work or for it to be affordable to the church.

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