Kenya Update

MikCeciBles 6 15Things are happening at Ray of Hope! Our original 13 children have grown up.
They are in high school or preparing to go to high school. We have 2 in college. Our vision this year is to accept 20 more children to join Ray of Hope and add appropriate staff.

The local community leaders also want Ray of Hope to add more classrooms to the preschool and even a primary school in 2016.

We recently added a small clinic at Ray of Hope, thanks to faithful support from our U.S. friends. The local community leaders are also helping to get electrical power to the clinic.

One of our big projects is to dig a well for the whole community. Kernersville Moravian has taken on this project. If anyone is interested in contributing please get in touch with Kernersville Moravian.

Our garden is continuing to flourish. The tomatoes and greens are doing well. The corn is also coming in. Every day we are becoming more self-sufficient.

We are planning to come to the U.S. in December 2015. Ceci will graduate in November. We are planning to stay at least 4 months. We want visit lots of churches. We are trying to raise the $5000.00 it will cost to us to fly home. We can use all the help we can get.

It is people like you who have faithfully held up the mission of Ray of Hope We praise God for your dedication and financial support. We are ready to grow and flourish just like we have the past 13 years.

In God’s love

Michael, CeCi, and Blessing Tesh

Kenya Update

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