Hurricane Relief in Port Arthur, Texas: Summer 2018 Update

The work to restore homes in Port Arthur, Texas, continues; however, due to triple-digit temperatures, efforts will resume in September. In cooperation with the folks from the Good Shepherd Moravian Fellowship, Mike and Pat Liles are coordinating the projects for incoming volunteers as well as working alongside them to accomplish the tasks.

Housing for up to 30 volunteers with shower facilities is available at no charge in Port Arthur. There is a kitchen on-site for folks to keep groceries and prepare their meals. The Moravian Volunteer Response trailer with the necessary work tools remains at the Fellowship for use by the teams. Mike will inform the group prior to their arrival as to what types of projects will be worked on during the service time frame.

Please consider providing support to this important ongoing effort to help folks rebuild their lives following the destructive effects of Hurricane Harvey. Please contact the Board of World Mission through the Director of Antioch, Jill Kolodziej, if you have any questions regarding this opportunity or if you wish to start planning to assist. Jill can be contacted at or 920-256-9472.

COST: Travel costs are dependent upon your departure site and mode of travel. It may be necessary to rent a vehicle upon arrival. Factor in an average of $20 per person per day for meals that will be prepared by the team at the lodging site. Lodging is available at no charge.

Hurricane Relief in Port Arthur, Texas: Summer 2018 Update

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