Hurricane Matthew Damage in Haiti

Please read below the update and prayer request from the Chairman of the Moravian Church in Haiti as he describes the situation following Hurricane Matthew.

Dear Brothers and sisters of the Moravian Church Worldwide,

We greet you in the precious Name of Jesus-Christ.

Our Lamb has Conquered Let us follow Him !

Haiti while still trying to recover from so many dilemma such as : the earth quake of January 12, 2010, and the cholera outbreak finds itself again in a much catastrophic situation. We do not know the mind of God but we do know that in every situation He is in control. We just have to keep praying for our nation. We strongly believe that we are in your prayers as well during this saddened moment. This is an overview of the situation in Haiti.


Situation Overview of Hurricane Matthew in Haiti

The departments of Sud, Sud-Est, Grande’Anse, Nippes, Nord-Ouest and Ouest are the most affected. Between 3 million and 5 million people are affected in Haiti, with 468,000 affected people in Grand’Anse and 775,000 in Sud, including 522,000 children.

The number of wounded people is also on the rise and could emerge as a key concern following the hurricane. Communications are disconnected and roads are inaccessible in the affected areas of south-west Haiti due to flooding.
An estimated 750,000 people need assistance. At least 15,623 people have been displaced and over 21,000 have been evacuated to temporary shelters.

The official death toll is currently 1150, but there are fears this number will rise.

A partial assessment of damages indicates that more than 200,000 houses were severely affected, according to humanitarian workers.

Situation Overview of the Moravian Church in Haiti

In relation to the Moravian Church in Haiti, the Moravian Church located in the Department of Grand-Anse to which bro. Bernito is the pastor, by the fact it is located on little island, some of the members and other people living there had been relocated to a temporary shelter by the government before the hurricane. However, the structure of the church could not resist the storm and was collapsed and the house of the members and other people are flooded. Four of our brothers who did not go to shelter died.

The Moravian Church in Artibonite : the roof is gone by the hurricane. 11 houses of our members got damaged according what pastor St-Eugenn Lerena reported to us. Fortunately, there is no one died in Artibonite.

In Gonaives pastor Tano Léon reported to us that the Hurricane took the roof of the church as well, 6 houses got damaged by the Hurricane.

The Moravian Church in Treil, which is located in 4th Communal Section of Gros-Morne, Pastor Faitan Falin reported to us that the roof of the church had gone and the roofs of some houses of the members of the church had gone as well. The little farms of the members which are their source of income are devastated by the hurricane.

For the Churches in the north where Bro. Johmen Tireus, the Moravian student at United Theological College of the West Indies (UTCWI) is from, the Moravian Church in Moroquee, the little farms of the members are devastated, and the lost their livestock as well. For the Moravian Church in Cap Haitian, which a vulnerable area by the fact it is face to face to the Caribbean Ocean, one person died, the roof of the Church had gone and the members are complaining for the lost of their properties.

We would have sent some images but until now the roads are cut off, and the communication still not established by the fact that the cells sites are devastated by the hurricane. And there is no electricity in those areas. We have received these information by some delegates from the churches who try hardly to make their way to Port-au-Prince.

Thank you very much for prayers and support, as we look forward to hearing from you.

In Christ,

Bernito Dorsainvil
Chairman of the Moravian Church in Haiti

Hurricane Matthew Damage in Haiti

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  1. My sorrows go out to all of the people who are suffering. I shall pray for you and will try to send some monetary help.

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