God is Good in Sierra Leone, and Everywhere

DSCF6883    My brothers and sisters in Christ, this is to tell you that God truly is good all the time.  Safie and I came to Freetown yesterday and I am at the internet cafe this morning writing to you to affirm that God is not only good some times but that he is good all the time and we give the glory for his love toward man. We were able to build a concrete fence almost around the church and the mission house only leaving the front out because we are not sure when and how the road construction will be.  We were able to put a gate in front with the Moravian name written on it.

The ebola virus is still hanging around and the news stays the same for the village, that is we are Ebola free.  We thank God for that protection and the love he has for us.

Although not officially confirmed, that is until I get a letter from the government, I am glad to report that the government of Sierra Leone has finally given the Moravian Secondary School the green light to have senior high school and now qualify to have government paid teachers.  This is a big big accomplishment, and we thank God for that.  I will let you know for sure when I get the letter of confirmation.

I have not done much as far as the radio talk is concern.  I only sent two sermons since we came back.  However I was able to give communion to the congregation at Mbaoma Moravian church the first Sunday in May and to the congregation at Moravian Community church in Morfindor the first Sunday in June with Baptism.  I was able to baptize some forty candidates.  The first Sunday in July I did communion and baptized 45 candidates at the Luawa-Yiehun Community church in Ngiehun.  We thank God for all his good and finding us worthy as laborer to build his kingdom here on earth. We have now closed the school for one month and will resume late August.

Safie and her helpers are able to provide lunch twice a week and with the arrival of the protein bars we will add one day to that as protein bar day. God is truly good. Talking about protein bars, we do thank you very much for all the goodies we received from you.  We received all the barrels that were sent from you.  We appreciate all the nuts, the chicken breasts, the salmons, the tunas, books, etc.  Safie and I are truly bless to have partners like you in this God’s work.  We will remain thanking God for you all.  God is Good all the time.

My shoulder is doing fine from the fall from the motor bike.  I promised Safie I will not do that again.  That is difficult to do since motor bikes are the least expensive and very mobile way of travel especially during the rainy season.  We do thank God for the quick recovery.  At my age I was worried it might take a little while to heal.  God is good.

At the moment we are building a house for us in the village.  We sold our house in Charlotte and since we are not going to be staying house forever, we decided to use the money to build a house for us in the village so that we will the mission house ready for the Antioch missionaries.  Talking about the Antioch program, Safie and I think it is a very good program. We will talk about it later.  Our young people will like and benefit a lot from it especially now that the Ebola virus is leaving us.  God is good.

Well I do thank God that the Moravian ministry in Sierra Leone is still going on fine.  It is most likely that we might branch out to another village coming year 2016.  God is good.  Let us continue to do his work as long as he finds us worthy.  He is a good God!  He is Love.  He is worthy to be praise.  He is good Partner. God Bless!

Mohamed and Safiie Braima

God is Good in Sierra Leone, and Everywhere

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