From Beyond Borders- A Raiford Family Update

The BWM received the message below from the family of Phil Raiford, a missionary partner serving in Mexico. After sending out the urgent call for prayer regarding gun violence in his community, this information follows up on that request and gives the sad details of this ongoing situation. We ask that you pray for Phil and his family as well as those who have been wounded and the families of those who have been killed.

                                                             Phil’s Message:

We just have a prayer request.  On Monday there was another act of violence near Juquila.  Two nearby villages are also in a heated land dispute which lead to more shootings.  I posted a video on our Indigenous Missions Today Facebook page that shows the people fleeing from shooters on the mountain-tops.  The newspaper said today that there have been 16 deaths during this conflict. Our friends in the village tell us we can travel to Juquila through another route to avoid the conflict zone.  It has also been raining heavily over the last 10 days which has done severe damage to roads all around Oaxaca.  We ask you to pray for peace in the Mixe region and that the government can get all parties to agree on a resolution.  Also, for safe travels to and from Juquila for our family.  Last week we barely made it out of the village because of muddy, washed out mountain roads.

In Juquila there is more talk about an armed conflict if the government can’t help them get an agreement from the other village.  I spoke to a friend in Juquila about reaching out to the other village (Ocotepec) and he told me that even though we don’t represent Juquila or the government and that we come to express peace in Jesus, they will probably kill us or kidnap us because of so much mistrust.  This creates a very intense environment for the people who are willing to take matters into their own hands if the government keeps ignoring them.  We have been helping the people who are stranded in Juquila and they extend their deepest gratitude to those who supported the giving of food, clothing and shoes for the kids.  We also thank you for blessing us so that we can bless others… Thank you all for your prayers and support.  God is good always, even though there is violence and death around us, He gives us the strength and the honor to serve and love others.  God bless us all.

Phil, Eunice, Ian and Hannah
Phil and Eunice Raiford
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From Beyond Borders- A Raiford Family Update

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