Work with Esperanza to serve the Bethlehem community!


Antioch Service Opportunity: Iglesia Esperanza for Bethlehem

Place of Service: Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Description of Opportunity: Pastors Rhonda and Tracy Robinson are welcoming individuals & teams to serve with them in a variety of ways. Partnering in the ministry of Iglesia Esperanza invites people into the varied activities of ministry, youth, and community outreach. Esperanza is also a site where people may be prepared to serve in an international Spanish-speaking setting.

Dates: Dates & longevity of service will be determined with the Robinsons & those interested in serving w/them.

Application Deadline: 3 months prior to desired start date

Expenses: Costs will include travel by one’s preferred mode of transportation to the Bethlehem area, travel within the area, & a per diem as applicable. The percentage split between the servant and Antioch is 60/40.

Age: People who are 18 and older are eligible to serve.

Per diem: Cost for accommodations & meals will be arranged based on housing options available at the time of service.

Travel: The type of transportation to Esperanza will vary dependent upon the distance travelled, ie. airfare versus vehicle. When possible it is helpful to have a personal vehicle during time of service.

Health related Requirements: Participant must have own medical insurance. No vaccinations necessary.

Visa Requirements: N/A

Additional Details of Service: More information regarding service will be provided through discussion with the Robinsons.


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