Costa Rica

Serve in Costa Rica!

Dates: TBD based on interest

Age: 18+

Cost: $1,500

School of Music & Worship offers opportunities for local youth and adults to learn basic music skills on guitar, keyboard, drums, and other instruments.  When not teaching students, there are other local projects to participate with.  Housing is provided at the Olguita House.  It is recommended that volunteers plan to serve for at least one month.


The EMA (Escuela de Música y Alabanza / School of Music and Worship) is 

located in Limón. Past Antioch servants have included: Juan and Debbie Suárez,

Roman Brady, and Morgan Smith. Others who have been involved with the School

of Music have included Nola Knouse, Thomas Baucom, Joe Mixon, Brad Bennett,

Steve Gray, Justin Rabbach, Nikki Yarbrough, Lorenzo Branca, Bob Peterson,

Chris Giesler, Thomas Guthrie and Zach Dease.

Many short-term teams have visited Costa Rica to conduct VBS programs, work

with youth and children and work on construction or repair projects.

The multiuse building in Limón is almost completed and will house the School of

Music and Worship, serve as the parsonage for Faith Moravian, and provide living

quarters for future Antioch Servants.

Costa Rica

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