BWM Staff Profile Series: Justin

Meet, Justin Rabbach! 

Hometown: Waukesha, Wisconsin

Home Church: Ebenezer Moravian Church

BWM Position: Director of Mission Engagement Est. 2014

If you want to be engaged in mission (serve, pray, give, etc) then we should talk. It is my job to help individuals and congregations notice God at work, discern their call, and put it into action!

Fun Work Fact: My job provided me the opportunity to be able to say this fun fact: I have gone swimming in both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans in the same day in Nicaragua.

Camp Involvement: I have spent summers at Mt. Morris, Laurel Ridge, and Van Es! (Hope to visit Camp Hope, and Tar Hollow soon!)

Favorite Moravian Eats (Camp meals included): Camarones Empanizadas (Fried Shrimp) within 3 miles of an ocean.

Cats or Dogs: Dogs. Always dogs. How are cats even an option…. Nothing wrong with cats…. But the answer is clearly dogs.

 Missions Work Locations: Mississippi, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Alberta, Florida, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Jamaica, Cuba, Czech Republic, Palestine, Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua

Favorite mission memory:  In the midst of rebuilding structural pillars for a church destroyed by a hurricane in Nicaragua, there was a need to borrow a truck to haul supplies. We went to borrow the truck of a man who owned a sea-food distribution center. Not only did he lend us the truck, but wouldn’t let me leave without plastic bags full of lobster. We paused work for the day, invited all the youth in the community to join us by the river as we used machetes to cut up scrap wood, build a fire and cook the lobster. Short on plates, we ate off of things like the frisbee’s we had just been throwing around. That meal of lobster and rice, eaten off a Frisbee, amidst games and laughter, by the river in Tuapi, Nicaragua is what I think of when I think of what a Moravian “Lovefeast” really is about.

Why mission work?: The “Greatest Commandment” is to love God and to love one another. Mission work develops empathy and understanding, which leads to responses based in love. I feel like this is the key to it all.

BWM Staff Profile Series: Justin

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  1. Hello Justin–Lynn Reichman recommended that I contact you. I submitted a request to volunteer in St. John USVI but have not had a reply. I have a time share there and would like to help that island specifically. I had read that there is a mission and would begin in the summer. Please let me know if you have any information or if there is someone specifically I could contact.
    Thank you,

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