BWM Staff Profile Series: Jill

Meet, Jill Kolodziej!

Hometown: Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin

Home Church: Sturgeon Bay Moravian

BWM Position: Director of Antioch

 As Director I coordinate cross culture volunteer opportunities between Antioch volunteers and site hosts who have invited the BWM to join in their work and ministries.

How many years in this position: I have served as the Director since 2009.

Fun Work Fact: One of the most rewarding parts of my role is hearing how Antioch volunteers experience God’s presence in preparation for, during, and upon reflection of their experience.

Camp Involvement: Chetek, Mt. Morris Camps & Conference Center, Mt. Morris Wisconsin, High & Post High young people

Favorite Moravian Eats: Chicken pie, sugar cake

Dogs or Cats: Actually, it was Marcie, our former guinea pig

Why mission work?

As followers of Jesus, God calls us to live life in relationship with God in a way that Micah 6:8 characterizes; act justly, love mercy/compassion, walk humbly with God.


Places Jill has been to for missions:

Hometown, Minnesota, Illinois, Wisconsin, New York, North Dakota, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Tanzania, Grenada

Favorite mission memory:

I am always pleasantly surprised and awed by how God’s presence is made visible in very routine human encounters.  While in Jamaica with high school young people we set aside time at the end of the day to reflect on our experiences from the day.  One young man visited a school and played his guitar for the young students at the school.  He recalled that the students circled around him as he played.  He said that as he looked into each of their faces he saw the face of Jesus.

On another Jamaica visit, I had a high school girl in my small group that kept to herself and would spend much of her downtime reading.  She didn’t socialize much with the large group.  One day, our small group was assigned to paint one of two rooms that served as a home for a mother, her child, and a grandmother that was blind.  Our Jamaican host, a Moravian pastor, asked if one from our group would please read to the grandmother during our visit.  Once at the home, I asked who would like to read.  The young gal who found relaxation in her reading volunteered.  As the remainder of the group continued to paint the grandmother’s bedroom we could hear the younger voice of the girl reading from the Bible from the other room.  Before she could finish a verse the elderly woman would recite the scripture from memory in unison with her.  To hear their voices blended together was truly a Spirit-filled experience.

BWM Staff Profile Series: Jill

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