BWM Staff Profile Series: Brother Rex

Meet, Reginald Knowlton!

Hometown: Cinnaminson, NJ

Home Church: Palmyra Moravian

BWM Position: Treasurer

My job is to do the accounting for the BWM.  A unique feature is sending wires each month to various mission locations. As Treasurer I get to keep the books, assure the funds are tracked appropriately and along with Sister Judy distribute wires on a monthly basis to many of the areas being served.  Daily get to work with Sister Deb on providing fiscal support to all engaged in the mission work.

Years in this Position: 2 years

Fun Work Fact: Working with Sisters Deb and Judy is always fun!

Fun Fiscal Facts: Without the help of the Moravian Ministry Foundation and our friends at Kaspick and Company our wire execution would not be nearly as successful.  Along with our internal efforts, the efforts of these entities as well as BB&T Bank are needed to complete our international wires.

Camp Involvement: Camp Hope as a kid

Favorite Moravian Eats: Bug juice; sugar cake

Dogs or Cats: Cats


 Why Mission Work?

Mission work is rewarding for even those of us in support positions as one feels good about being able to reach people in need to make things just a bit easier in each of their walks. It is rewarding to see how some assistance is sufficient for many of the global communities to make a difference in spreading the word of the gospel.

Places Rex has been to for Missions: As part of the mending, or support group, my work is in the states.

Favorite Mission Memory:  Receiving a sizable contribution through an estate that was totally unexpected and allows for continued outreach in areas of need.

A related memory from  high school when I debated to pursue french or Spanish – I choose french.  A bad choice.  Certainly would have helped with the work we do in South America if I had a working knowledge of the language – have gotten to love google translation services as a compromise!

BWM Staff Profile Series: Brother Rex

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