Board of World Mission Summer 2017 Intern Announcement!

Meet Emily…

Hello Everyone!

I am going to take a moment to introduce my fellow intern, Emily Burrell. She is from Dover, Ohio, and her home church is Dover First Moravian. Emily is a current senior at Ohio University where she studies communications and history.

Emily is passionate about mission, and has had several experiences in mission engagement over the past couple of years! She served in Staten Island, NY for two summers, serving both by herself and with other members of her congregation. In 2014, she participated in a Moravian mission camp called FIT First at Laurel Ridge in North Carolina.




Now it is my turn to introduce Holland Griffin! She just finished her freshman year at the University of Minnesota, and she double majors in Spanish/Portuguese and Global Studies. Holland attends church at the Waconia Moravian Church in Waconia, Minnesota. Fun Fact: She is studying abroad next spring semester in Toledo !

… and Holland!

Additionally, Holland also shares a love for mission work. Her experiences include trips to Staten Island, Costa Rica, and Chicago. Holland also participated in the same FIT First retreat as me at Laurel Ridge in North Carolina.

We are both very excited to work together and with the Board of World Mission this summer. PLEASE, if you have a fond memory of mission that you would like to share, send us a story about your experience! Whether that be through the BWM’s new instagram (@moravianboardofworldmission) or on our website, we would love to share your story with the world. Send any memories with a photo you do not mind us sharing and any questions to us at or

Board of World Mission Summer 2017 Intern Announcement!

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