Antioch Servant Reflection: Sylvie Hauser

CZ Sylvie Hauser Liberec
Sylvie outside of Liberec, Czech Republic.

 The Board of World Mission is excited to share the update below from Sylvie Hauser, a young adult from Sturgeon Bay, WI, who is currently serving as an Antioch Servant in the Czech Republic. Sylvie graduated a semester early from High School, and chose to spend this time before college as an Antioch servant. Sylvie has been active in her local youth group, and in the camping ministry of the Western District of the Moravian Church in the Northern Province, serving as President of the Regional Youth Council. 

Take some time to read about Sylvie’s reflections on the early parts of her service. She does a great job of capturing the mix of emotions that accompany such a big step out in faith!

CZ Moravian Church in Nova Paka
Moravian Church (Jednota Bratrska) in Nová Paka, Czech Republic.

For the past month, I have been blessed to spend time with a Moravian congregation in Nova Paka, Czech Republic. I feel so lucky to be here and am excited for the month that I have left.

Looking back at the past month, I see that I ran through every emotion in my time of preparation, travel, and adjustment to a very new experience. As a way to encourage future Board of World Mission servants, I would like to share my feelings as I went through this process. When I initially accepted the invitation to serve, I was thrilled. I could not wait to get out my small hometown and see the world. The fact that I could do this by means of serving God and the Moravian Church seemed like a dream.

CZ Sylvie Hauser Moravian Church Nova Paka
Sylvie being introduced at the Moravian Church in Nová Paka.

As my date of departure grew closer, I started to feel really, truly scared. I dreaded leaving my family and friends and doubted my ability to serve in a place that was completely foreign to me. Through my travel and the first few days I spent in a new city, I was stressed and nervous, counting down the days until I could return home. So far, this probably doesn’t seem like a great way to encourage a future participant; the encouraging part comes from the experiences I’ve had since that first week.

CZ Sylvie Hauser Host Family
Sylvie with her host family at their home.

I went from feeling like I was in WAY over my head to knowing that this is an experience I will treasure for the rest of my life. Now, halfway through my trip, I feel completely settled in. I have a good relationship with many people in the school and congregation, I feel confident working with the English classes at school, I have had the chance to visit nearby cities and see Moravian history and the future of the church in the Czech Republic, and I have grown closer to God.

Through my time here I have come to understand what God has been doing in my life and I have grown to realize that I should never have doubted myself. God provides the tools we need to do anything in life. At this point, I don’t know what emotions I’ll have as I leave Nova Paka to go home to Wisconsin; I do know that one will be deep sadness, and another will be enthusiasm as I continue to see God’s plan for me unfold.

I know that this experience will be a tool for myself and for God in my future endeavours.

CZ Food
A traditional Czech dish of cabbage, meat and dumplings.


Antioch Servant Reflection: Sylvie Hauser

4 thoughts on “Antioch Servant Reflection: Sylvie Hauser

  1. Awesome write up Sylvie. Glad to see the transition and look forward to the ways God continues to work through you. Hope the rest of the trip is fun and meaningful.


  2. So, Sylvie, you have learned first-hand that God goes out in front of you, AND God stays close beside you. From now on you can trust that reality, as you experience other challenges.

    Sharing life with Moravians in other parts of the world, loving them and learning from them — it’s one of the best opportunities ever!!! I’m betting this won’t be the last time you do that 🙂

    Donna Hurt

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