Antioch Leadership Cohort

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Have you ever wanted to lead a mission team, but just weren’t sure where to start? Maybe you have led a team before, but would appreciate a chance to work with a small group to develop new opportunities and relationships? Apply today for one of our limited slots in an upcoming group!

What is it?
The Antioch Leadership Cohort is an intentional mission experience made up of 3-5 individuals who will work as a group with BWM Staff to gain skills in mission experience formation and facilitation. Though this immersive experience and reflection members will practice setting up goals, choosing a site, recruiting team members, developing a budget, fundraising, and sharing the story of your experience upon return.

What is the point?
The BWM wants to help develop leaders and encourage them to take initiative in growing the mission outreach of the Moravian Church. We have a long history of this, and are excited to grow the impact of this tradition now and into the future!

What will I do as a part of the cohort?
Members of the group will:
– Complete individual goal setting exercises and assigned background readings on Moravian mission context and favored practices
– Join in 3-4 group conversations (in person or electronically) to discuss readings and plan group mission experience
– Take part in a mission experience with cohort group (location determined once group is formed)
– Follow up debrief conversation and individual leadership planning

What’s the catch?
We expect you to share the skills you gain! Each member of the group will have an individual plan to initiate a new mission experience, be it a team or new ministry, and a timeline for implementing that plan by the time you finish the cohort experience!

Who is eligible?
Anyone 18 and over with a heart for sharing the gospel, engaging in mission through a Moravian context, and growing in leadership is welcome to apply for one of the limited slots in each group! Want to apply as a small group together, we’ll be happy to review those applications!

How much does it cost?
The BWM wants to invest in developing leaders! This means as the groups come together and the location of the mission experience is decided, the BWM will finalize a budget and present a heavily subsidized cost of participation. This number will include all program materials as well as travel expenses including food and lodging. While the number is a bit fluid until location is decided, target costs to participants are under $1,000 for International destinations and under $500 for Domestic. Now, tell me where else you can get all of this for a price like that!

Invitation to Apply
If this interests you, if you have questions or if you are ready to apply then send an email to either of the BWM Staff members listed below, and they will be in touch with the next stage of the process! Reach out now to apply for a spot in an upcoming group!


Jill Kolodziej                                                           Justin Rabbach
Director of Antioch                                     Director of Mission Engagement               
920.256.9472                                                           920.941.0697




Antioch Leadership Cohort

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