Help with Projects in Alaska.

Location: Bethel, AK
Date: May 15 – August 31, 2017 available for 7-10 day trips.
Age: 16+
Cost: Airfare and food costs ($12/day) plus a donation towards lodging expenses.

Here are some needs for short term mission work in Alaska:
In Bethel – Interior painting – dorm and administration building
Re-glue/re-lay carpet in conference room
Install rain gutters and downspouts for Bookstore

Team size: up to 12 people but 6-8 is ideal, housing would be at the dorm with all bedding and towels provided. Food allowance to plan on would be between $10 and $12 per person per day and would suggest bringing as much as possible as it
will save teams a lot. Older teens and up would be best as the painting while easy is complicated by the buildings being furnished so a higher level of care while painting would be required.

In Bethel and outlying villages they always have a need for vacation bible school teams. Especially in the villages team size should not exceed 6 if at all possible as housing more is difficult. Suggested age here could be a bit younger especially if youth is coming with a parent. Additional costs here would be travel to the village which could be between $200 and $350 per person depending on the village.  More details can be given if you have anyone is interested.

Help construct a home in Bethel, Alaska.

Location: Bethel, AK

Date: June 22 – August 24

Trip Length: 10 days (Tuesday – Thursday)

Cost: Volunteers are responsible for their travel to Kenai, Alaska. Once volunteers arrive in Kenai food, lodging and additional transportation will be provided.

Maximum Team Size: 8 people. Both individual volunteers and teams are welcome.

Skills Needed: Volunteers must have extensive construction experience.

Minimum Age: Volunteers must be at least 18 years old.

Project Description: Volunteers will assist in ground up construction of a home that will be part of the Alaskan Moravian Seminary.

NOTE: Alaska trips in 2017 are being run through Samaritan’s Purse. Please visit there website (click here) for more information.

HOW TO APPLY:  If you are interested in taking part in this experience, e-mail Director of Mission Engagement, Justin Rabbach at


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