Annie B Mission

The Annie B Mission, developed by Steve Green in honor of his wife, began in 2011 with the goal to fund a speech therapist position at the Star Mountain Rehabilitation Facility in Ramallah, Palestine.  Its mission statement is:

Annie B Mission is all about love.

We seek to follow God’s calling through service and ministry.

Star Mountain is a Unity Undertaking that is supported by funds of the Worldwide Unity, including funds from our Northern and Southern Provinces.  In thisregard Star Mountain is the responsibility of the whole Unity.  The European ContinentalProvince (ECP) has oversight for the work at Star Mountain.  Theyare supportive of the goal of Annie B Mission to provide a speech therapist for the Rehabilitation Facility.  Donations to help fund this program can be submitted to the Board of World Missions.

As of January 31, 2013, the Annie B Mission has raised over $20,000 dollars for the speech therapist program at Star Mountain. As most know, a speech therapist was hired in the spring but ended up resigning to continue her education, working toward her master’s degree. Having trouble finding a qualified candidate, the Star Mountain staff has worked out a program with the Red Crescent Society of Palestine. The society provided training for the entire staff during December 2012 and is sending a staff person monthly to check on Star Mountain’s progress. This is very exciting news having the whole staff trained. Star Mountain has recently interviewed a speech therapist who might be able work part-time. This position would be provided for by the Annie B Mission.











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