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The Board of World Mission is the mission agency of the Northern, Southern and Alaska Provinces of the Worldwide Moravian Church. This page outlines the variety of ways in which we support other Provinces of the Moravian Church as well as mission areas, individuals, and other partners.

Partner Provinces

The Moravian Board of World Mission in North America (BWM) is paired with several of our global partners in mission, accompanying them in a variety of ways as they develop in ministry within their specific contexts. With the support of the Northern, Southern, and Alaska Provinces, we partner with five independent provinces of the Moravian Unity (Costa Rica, Eastern-West Indies, Honduras, Nicaragua and Western Tanzania.  In addition we partner with two Mission Provinces, Guyana and Newfoundland/ Labrador.

The Board of World Mission is one of several mission agencies throughout the Unity.  Each mission agency is assigned to partner with some of our Unity provinces and mission areas called “Partner Provinces”. Below are a list of the Partner Provinces of the BWM. Click on any of the partners listed to learn more about that area!

Independent Provinces
Costa Rica
Eastern West Indies
Western Tanzania

Mission Provinces
Newfoundland and Labrador

Mission Outreach

In 2011 the Moravian Board of World Mission in North America (BWM) was assigned three new mission areas of the Unity.  We had already established relationship with seven churches in Peru who came together to become the Unity of Brothers and Sisters in Peru.  The Southern Province was assigned that same year to oversee new work in Sierra Leone and in Cuba, which is now a Mission Province. The Northern Province oversees the new work in Peru. They subsequently delegated this work to the BWM.  For more information on these exciting areas of new work, please click the links below.


Sierra Leone

The BWM supports mission efforts of Moravian Mission Societies and cross-cultural servants.

We are fortunate in the strong passion for mission in the Moravian Church in North America.  Because of the great geographical distance between churches groups have come together to form regional mission societies. Click here for more information about the mission societies of the Moravian Church and some information about the support that the BWM offers to these societies’ projects.

Individual Moravians serve in a variety of ways throughout the world, both with the Board of World Mission and with other mission agencies. Click here for a list of the cross-cultural servants who receive support, technical and/or financial, from the BWM.

The BWM also does work, as needed, throughout the Moravian Unity.

Membership of the Unity: 

Unity Provinces

At present (2017) there are 24 Unity Provinces:

  1. Alaska (1885)
  2. America North (Northern Province) (1741)
  3. America South (Southern Province) (1753)
  4. Costa Rica (1980)
  5. Czech Republic (1457, renewed 1862)
  6. Democratic Republic of Congo (2010)
  7. Eastern West Indies (St. Thomas, St. Croix, St. John, Antigua, Barbados, St. Kitts, Tobago, Trinidad, Tortola mission, Grenada mission) (1732)
  8. European Continental (Germany, Denmark, Holland, Switzerland, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Albania mission) (1722)
  9. Great Britain and Ireland (1742)
  10. Guyana (2016)
  11. Honduras (1930)
  12. Jamaica and the Cayman Islands (1754)
  13. Malawi (2012)
  14. Nicaragua (1849)
  15. South Africa (1737, renewed 1792)
  16. Suriname (1935)
  17. Tanzania (Eastern) (2014)
  18. Tanzania (Lake Tanganyika) (2012)
  19. Tanzania (Northern) (2012)
  20. Tanzania (Rukwa) (1986)
  21. Tanzania (Southern) (1891)
  22. Tanzania (Southwestern) (1978)
  23. Tanzania (Western) (1897)
  24. Zambia (2014)

Mission Provinces

There are 5 Mission Provinces (not yet meeting all of the requirements of a full Unity Province). All of these are accountable to a designated Unity Province.

  1. Burundi
  2. Czech Seniorat
  3. Cuba
  4. Honduras “Traditional”
  5. Labrador

Mission Areas

New areas of mission outreach within a Province as well as new mission endeavors in places where the Moravian Church has not already been ministering are defined and approved by the Unity Board as Mission Areas.  As of 2017, there are 15 Mission Areas:

  1. Belize
  2. Eastern Congo (Sud Kivu and Katanga)
  3. French Guiana
  4. Garifuna (Honduras)
  5. Haiti
  6. Iriniga (Tanzania)
  7. Kenya
  8. Kiwele
  9. Peru (America Northern/ BWM)
  10. Ruvuma and Njombe (Tanzania)
  11. Rwanda
  12. Sierra Leone
  13. South Asia
  14. Uganda
  15. Zanzibar (Tanzania Eastern)

Perspective Mission Areas 

  1. Angola
  2. Ecuador

Unity Undertakings

There are 2 projects that are assigned to the Unity as a whole:

  1. Star Mountain Rehabilitation Center, Ramallah, Palestine
  2. Unity Archives, Herrnhut, Germany

Click here to get more information about the Worldwide Moravian Church.

Moravians currently in Mission

Cross-Cultural Servants

Moravians serve in a variety of ways throughout the world, both with the Board of World Mission and with other mission agencies.  Those that currently receive some support, technical and/or financial, from the Board of World Mission are:

Braima,  Safiatu (Safie)– Little Church on the Lane, Charlotte, NC
Serving in church planting in Sierra Leone, Africa

Fields, Andrew and Amy – Reformed Church in America
Serving the Bible Institute of the Moravian Church in Honduras

Goff, George and Ruth – Moravian Church in Honduras
serving with Alas de Socorro (Wings of Mercy) in Ahuas, Honduras

Marx, Steve and Ann – Christ Moravian, NC
Serving with Mission Aviation Fellowship in Nampa, ID

Nelson, Rick – Moravian Church in Honduras
Serving at the Moravian Evangelical Hospital and Clinic in Ahuas, Honduras

Raiford,  Phil and Eunice – Friedberg Moravian, NC
Serving with the Mixe Ministry in Mexico
Eunice Raiford Juarez – Facebook

Tesh,  Michael and Cecilia – Christ Moravian, NC
serving with Youth With A Mission at Ray of Hope orphanage in Kenya
Ray of Hope Website

Other Moravians Serving in Mission

Brent,  Michael and Brenda – Friedland Moravian, NC
Serving with Cru (Campus Crusade) in Croatia

C & K – New Philadelphia Moravian, NC
Serving with Global Church Movement (Campus Crusade) in Asia

C & V – Friedland Moravian, NC
Serving with Bridges International in the U.S.

Harrison, Dusty and Christin – Calvary Moravian, NC
Serving Greek Inter-Varsity at Clemson University, SC

Sineath,  Phil and Ashley – Macedonia Moravian, NC
Serving with Campus Outreach International in Birmingham, AL

Sutton, Louis and Susan – Christ the King Moravian, NC
Serving as Director of WEC International in Singapore

Tasedan,  Glenna and George – Calvary Moravian, NC
Serving in ministry in Labrador

Thiessen,  Robert and Anne – Ardmore Moravian, NC; Unity of Brethren Texas
Serving in church planting and discipling in Mexico

Woo Family – Ardmore Moravian, NC; Unity of Brethren Texas
Serving with Overseas Mission Fellowship in Asia


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