2018 Unity Prayer Guide

Unity Prayer Watch – 2018


For the Worldwide Moravian Unity – its 24 Unity Provinces, 2 Unity Undertakings, 5 Mission Provinces, and 15 Mission Areas, as well as Unity Ministries pray for:

  • the Unity Committee on Theology;
  • the Unity Mission and Development Board;
  • the Unity Women’s Desk and Unity Youth Desk;
  • the 2 Unity Undertakings: the Unity Archives; and the work at Star Mountain, Ramallah;
  • the unity of the worldwide Unity, given the very differing cultures and circumstances;
  • the Unity to remain faithful to the Great Commandment and the Great Commission;
  • the fellowship of believers within the Unity and with those who are not part of the Unity; and
  • those serving the worldwide Unity.


For the Unity Board,pray for…

  • the Unity Chair, Rev. Dr. Cortroy Jarvis, and the other members of the Unity Executive Committee, including North American representative Rev. David Guthrie; and the Unity Board Administrator, Jørgen Bøytler.


Unity Provinces

For the Alaska province, pray for…

  • the congregations, fellowships, outreach ministries and their pastors;
  • the pastor in Marshall, Alaska;
  • the new pastor in Bethel, Alaska;
  • forgiveness and healing for the people affected by the split;
  • more ordained pastors; and
  • unity rather than disunity.


For the America Northern province, pray for…

  • the 85 congregations and 3 emerging ministries that they may be agents of change in their communities;
  • the PEC president, Betsy Miller and the other members of the Provincial Elders’ Conference: David Bennett, Bruce Nelson, Greg Weir, Susan Dreydoppel, Valerie Wagner, and Ralph Wanamaker, Jr. , as they serve the church through leadership and administration;
  • the ministry of our agencies: the Archives, the Provincial Women’s Board;
  • our Interprovincial Agencies: the Board of World Mission, Moravian Theological Seminary, the Interprovincial Board of Communication, the Music Foundation, the Moravian Ministries Foundation;
  • our Camp and Conference Centers – VanEs, Mt Morris, Camp Hope;
  • our senior living facilities: Marquardt Village, Moravian Manor, Moravian Hall Square, Moravian Care Ministries;
  • the many commissions and task forces of the province; and
  • renewed passion and commitment to the gospel through Healthier Congregations initiatives.


For the America Southern Province, pray for…

  • the 54 congregations and 9 Fellowships that form our Province;
  • development of new and emerging ministries;
  • plans for an annual “Moravian Day of Service” to others, beginning in 2019;
  • our focus on the Moravian Essentials: God creates, redeems and makes us holy; we respond in faith, love and hope;
  • leadership development: candidates for ordination, pastors and board and ministry leaders;
  • congregations facing financial challenges;
  • openness and creativity as the province reviews its organization and considers new definitions and models of communities of faith (congregations & fellowships);
  • faithfulness to God’s invitation to share the good news of Jesus Christ in word and deed with our neighbors and around the world;
  • the Board of Cooperative Ministries, the Provincial Women’s Board, and the Provincial Support Services Board;
  • the Mission Society of the Moravian Church, South; Sunnyside Ministry of the Moravian Church; Laurel Ridge Moravian Camp and Conference Center;
  • candidates for the ordained ministry to be called by the Holy Spirit into the service of the Church; and
  • our partnership with Forsyth Jail and Prison Ministry.


For the Costa Rica province, pray for…

  • help with making a book of the Moravian Liturgies;
  • definite resolution for the reconciliation between the Pavas congregation and the Province; and
  • more commitment, along with thanks for the brothers and sisters who do continue to carry on.


For the Czech province, pray for…

  • the congregations, ministers, the provincial board and its chairperson, Bishop Petr Krasny;
  • the Blahoslav Secondary School;
  • continued reconciliation of the two groups of Moravians;
  • the focus of congregations on the needs of the society around them and for the resources for their projects; and
  • the Roma congregation named Nevo Dživipenand their congregants, the ongoing mission work in Poland;


For the Democratic Republic of Congo province pray for…

  • the congregations, pastors and evangelists, as well as the teachers for the Theological faculty;
  • the provincial board and its chairperson Bishop Moise Tshimanga; and
  • safety and effective witness in situations of conflict arising in the region.


For the Eastern West Indies province, pray for…

  • the congregations and fellowships scattered in ten islands under five different governments;
  • the provincial board and its chairperson, Cortroy Jarvis;
  • mission efforts in Tortola, Grenada and Haiti;
  • the opportunity for closer ties between this province and the North American Provinces; and
  • the ongoing work of rebuilding following the hurricane damage in 2017.


For the European Continental province, pray for…

  • the congregations, fellowships and outstations in 8 different countries that form the province;
  • the provincial board and its chairperson, Rev. Raimund Hertzsch;
  • the many refugees who have been coming into Europe and helped by the church, speaking a word of “encouragement against hatred”;
  • the extension of the work in the Baltic countries, in particular Estonia;
  • the continued influence of the Losungen (Daily Texts) with a printing of more than 1 million copies;
  • the ministries of the German Mission Board (HMH), ZZg of the Netherlands, Mission 21 in Switzerland, and the mission outreach in Stockholm and Latvia;
  • the ministry of the Danish Mission Board and the mission staff in Christiansfeld; and
  • continued mission outreach in Albania, Latvia, Cottbus, Germany and East Germany.


For the Great Britain and Ireland province, pray for…

  • the congregations, the provincial board and its chairperson, Roberta Hoey;
  • new vision and new expressions of churchand God’s blessing on our small churches as they work and witness in an aggressively secular civil society;
  • the students preparing for pastoral service;
  • the involvements of the British Mission Board in North India, Jamaica, Tanzania, and Nepal; and
  • the two independent Moravian Schools, their students, staff and governors.


For the Guyana province pray for…

  • growth in our province and congregations through greater commitment to God’s teachings and to the church;
  • the promise of the worldwide Moravian Unity to remain steadfast in the preaching and practice of the Word;
  • those who are in need and underprivileged, and the wherewithal to provide for them and respond to their needs;
  • persons/pastors ready and willing to share the Good News of God’s Mercy and His love; and
  • God’s protection and provision in every circumstance, even when there seems to be no way.


For the Honduras province, pray for…

  • the congregations, pastors, and lay pastors; the provincial board and its chairperson, Raby Becam;
  • the positive signs of reconciliation between the Province and the Mission Province to continue;
  • the mission outreach to the Garífuna, Belize and Tawahkas;
  • the radio outreach program;
  • the medical program and the Ahuas Clinic;
  • theological education through the Bible Institute in Puerto Lempira;
  • the Alas de Socorro aviation ministryand its new pilot; and
  • strength and wisdom as they confront ongoing division within the church and the effects of drug-trafficking and violence in their country.


For the Jamaica province, pray for…

  • the congregations, pastors, the provincial board and its chairperson, Phyllis Smith-Seymour;
  • for healing of the province through recent turmoil;
  • the camping and evangelistic programs;
  • the opportunity for closer ties in mission with the North American Board of World Mission;
  • the United Theological College of the West Indies, where Jamaican and EWI Moravian pastors are trained; and
  • mission outreach in Haiti, in collaboration with the EWI Province.


For the Malawi province, pray for…

  • the provincial board and chairman, Henry Mwakibinga;
  • the furtherance of evangelism to reach out to more people;
  • increased refugees from Burundi and DR Congo; and
  • the furtherance of social and economic activities to the poor people of Malawi.


For the Nicaragua province, pray for…

  • the congregations of different ethnicities, the Provincial Board and its chair, Joseph Rivera;
  • the social development ministry of ADSIM, that it deals with the many challenges of the social ills it faces;
  • the medical and public health programs being developed in Bilwaskarma;
  • new outreach efforts in the interior region of Matagalpa; and
  • resolution of political violence and the wide-reaching impact of this conflict.


For the South Africa province, pray …

  • for the government to end the corruption which is crippling their economy;
  • for wisdom on how to deal with the land question;
  • for the executives of the provincial board for all of the challenges they are facing;
  • to bless our church programs and projects;
  • to thank God for our Unity and for the working spirit in our province; and
  • to thank God for his intervention in the financial affairs of our province.


For the Suriname province, pray for…

  • the congregations, the provincial board and its chairperson, Rev Noel Adonis;
  • 70 primary and advanced elementary education schools, three homes for the elderly, five children’s home, three boarding schools, and youth ministries;
  • the evangelistic work in French Guyana, and in the Hinterland where there is a mission hospital; and
  • the theological education program.


For the Tanzania Eastern province and Zanzibar mission area pray for…

  • the congregations, its members along the coastal region and provincial chairperson, Saul Kajula;
  • the lack of employment for youth;
  • the growing mission efforts in Zanzibar; and
  • the faithful witness of Moravians within a strong Muslim area.


For the Tanzania (Lake Tanganyika) province, pray for…

  • the congregations, pastors and evangelists, and Chairman Charles Katale and other leaders in the church;
  • the construction of the Kaliua Secondary School;
  • upgrading the clinic building for the Ichemba dispensary; and
  • the resources to deal with the many refugees, some of them Moravian, coming in from Burundi and The Congo.


For the Tanzania (Northern) province, pray for…

  • the congregations and evangelical mission centers, the provincial board and chair, Peter Malema;
  • proposed leadership training at all levels; and
  • opportunities to move into remote areas to share the Gospel.


For the Tanzania (Rukwa) province, pray for…

  • the church members to know their roles as members;
  • salaries for church workers to be found and paid in a timely manner;
  • education for more evangelists and pastors (women and men);
  • running of the existing projects effectively for the benefit of the church; and
  • thanks for unity among Christian members and leaders, the growth of the church, and members who know their roles to and for the church.


For the Tanzania (Southern) province, pray for…

  • a resolution for the conflict between MCT –SP and Kyela;
  • total unity and true unity for Christians in Tanzania;
  • the work in South Sudan;
  • the two Synods in 2018; and
  • thankfulness for peace, improving economic status and the increasing number of pastors and Christians.


For the Tanzania (South-West) province, pray for…

  • the congregations, outstations, pastors, the provincial board and its vice-chairperson, Br. Sichone;
  • the potential development of a Mission Province in the Mbozi region;
  • the teachers and students at TEKU University in Mbeya;
  • the continued challenges of poverty and HIV/AIDS; and
  • the threat of losing church property due to high land taxes.


For the Tanzania (Western) province, pray for…

  • the congregations, outstations, pastors and evangelists, the provincial board and its chairperson, Ezekiel Yona;
  • the hospital and its staff in Sikonge, along with the dispensaries, including the one in Tabora;
  • church-run schools of Bishop Kisanji, Lusangi and Ussoke;
  • the significant poverty, especially in the rural areas, due to unemployment, bad weather, and inflation;
  • supervision of mission areas in Kenya, Uganda, Burundi and Rwanda; and
  • mission among the Sukuma people and the Muslim.



For the Zambia province, pray for…

  • the congregations, ordained ministers, pastors, evangelists, the provincial board and it chairperson, Chipson Mayembe;
  • the development of capital projects to bring income into the church; and
  • the goals to further spread the gospel within Zambia.


Mission Provinces

Mission Province of Burundi, pray for. . .

  • theological training at all levels;
  • scholarships for further studies for and oncologist to deal with cancer in women, and another to specialize as a clinical psychologist to deal with trauma healing;
  • a vehicle for field upcountry supervision; and
  • thanks that the general security situation has improved, and the growth of the church, both spiritually and in number.


Mission Province of Cuba, pray for…

  • the national board and president Rev. Tania Sanchez;
  • Rev Armando Rusindo, recently consecrated as the first Bishop in the Moravian Church in Cuba;
  • different groups now meeting, with ordained ministers and lay pastors;
  • the growing outreach in Holguin, as well as the Comenius Center;
  • efforts for land and produce development to help their church communities; and
  • the beginning outreach in Ecuador.


Mission Province of the Czech Republic, pray for…

  • God’s guidance for the newly elected PEC;
  • for us to be humble so we can be His tool to touch our neighbors; and
  • permission from the State Department of Education to permit the Blahoslar High School and the funds to purchase a building for the school.


Mission Province of Honduras, pray for…

  • the congregations, pastors, provincial board and its chairperson, José Smith;
  • ongoing efforts toward reconciliation with the Honduras Province;
  • the Bible Institute in Ahuas, its leadership and students, and the 3 students taking additional on-line theological training through a seminary in Costa Rica; and
  • new mission outreach.


Moravian Church in Newfoundland and Labrador, pray for…

  • the congregations, the provincial board chair, Sarah Jensen, and all leaders of the province;
  • opportunities for theological education and the preparation of new leaders and pastors; and
  • the four established congregations in Happy Valley, Makkovik, Hopedale and Nain and several smaller groups of Moravians in Postville and St. John’s, Newfoundland.


Mission Areas

  1. Moravian Church in Belize, pray for…
  • work in communities with a growing membership; and
  • theological training for leaders in the church.
  1. Moravian Church in Eastern Congo in Sud Kivu and Katanga (DR Congo), pray for…
  • congregations, ordained ministers and evangelists;
  • the Uvira Orphans Center;
  • the mission station for Pygmies; and
  • release from the wars they have experienced.
  1. Moravian Church in French Guyana
  2. Moravian work among the Garífuna people in Honduras, pray for…
  • the churches and pastors in this region.
  1. Moravian Church in Haiti, pray for…
  • continued support for pastors training at United Theological College in Jamaica; and
  • development of reconstruction plans for a national headquarters building.
  1. Moravian Church in Iringa (Tanzania South West)
  2. Moravian Church in Kenya, (Western Tanzania)
  3. Moravian Church in Kiwele (Western Tanzania)
  4. Moravian Church in Peru (America North), pray for…
  • its national board and president, Christopher Valencia;
  • growth in the house churches and resources to continue renting space;
  • further development of leadership and income-generating projects; and
  • 10 new communities in the Amazon region discerning a new connection with the Moravian church.
  1. Moravian Church in Ruvuma-Njombe (Tanzania Southern)
  2. Moravian Church in Rwanda
  3. Moravian Church in Sierra Leone (America South), pray for…
  • the high school and the hope for finding qualified teachers;
  • new outreach to share the gospel in nearby villages;
  • a new computer and science lab for the school; and
  • continued collaboration with the Muslim leadership to meet the needs of children in their village.
  1. Moravian Church in South Asia (British), pray for…
  • the school in Rajpur under the leadership of Rev. Thespal Kundanand new leadership with his retirement;
  • the ministry and school in Ladakh under Rev.Elijah Gergenand new leadership with his retirement;
  • the translation project in Ladakh; and
  • the ministry in Nepal under the Rev. Nagendra Pradhan, assisted by Revs. Shanti and Vani Pradhan.
  1. Moravian Church in Uganda
  2. Moravian Church in Zanzibar (Eastern Tanzania), pray for…
  • the church members and the primary school; and
  • the need for an administrative office and houses.


Prospective Mission Areas

  1. Angola
  2. Mozambique
  3. South Sudan


Other Prayers

For your nation, pray for…

  • the president of the United States, Donald Trump; the prime minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau; and all elected officials as they seek to govern, that they might lead with justice and concern for the poor and those without voice;
  • courageous and faithful witness against racism, bigotry, and oppression;
  • ecumenical relationships:  The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, The Episcopal Church, and the United Methodist Church with whom we are in full communion; the Covenant Agreement with the Presbyterian Church (USA) with whom we are discussing the orderly exchange of clergy; the ongoing dialogue with those churches of the Reformed Tradition; the CUIC (Churches Uniting in Christ) where the Moravian Church Northern Province is a full participant and in relationship with the African Methodist Episcopal, African Methodist Episcopal Zion Christian Church, Disciples of Christ, Christian Methodist Episcopal, Episcopal Church U.S.A., International Council of Community Churches, Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), United Church of Christ and United Methodist Church; our work with Christian Churches Together (CCT); the Rev. Dr. Hermann Weinlick who serves as our volunteer ecumenical officer;
  • increasing peace, mutual respect and harmony, particularly in areas experiencing protracted violence and fear;
  • the issues of health care, violence, racial tensions, domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, and poverty (to name a few) that impact the people of our continent and our faithful response to people of great need, and
  • the world in which we live and our commitment to be careful stewards of the land, water, and air.

For your province, pray for people:

  • the members of District Executive Boards – East: David Bennett, Lauren Dougherty, Darrell Johnson, Michael Johnson, Blondel Jones-Grant, Michael Koenig, Tammy Lavoy, and Jackie Pasquinelli; West: Bruce Nelson, Jason Andersen, Judy Anderson, Nancy Chandler, Cindy Fahney, Jane Gehler, and Megan Smock; and Canada: Greg Weir, Matt Gillard, Donna Gordon, Bob Hawkesworth, James Lavoy, and Bryan Peacock.
  • provincial and district staff members: Darryl Bell, Brenda Cahill, Marie Couts, Cynthia Rader Geyer, Jacquie Petko, Mark Santore, June Sterling; and support staff; Karen Buchholz, Marie Cestone, Tammy Curcio, Johanna Heft, Gloria Reisinger, and Andrea Stremich;
  • staff of the Interprovincial Board of Communication: Mike Riess, Jill Bruckart, and Sue Kiefner; the Moravian Ministries Foundation in America: Chris Spaugh, Laura Watson, Kara Yates, and Vince Holbrook; the Moravian Music Foundation: Nola Reed Knouse, Gwyneth Michel, Sarah Durham, and Erik Salzwedel;
  • the Board of World Mission as the vision for mission around the world is integrated with the vision of local mission within your community. Pray for the staff: Justin Rabbach, Sam Gray, Chris Giesler, Jill Kolodziej, Deb Swanson, Sheila Beaman, and Rex Knowlton;
  • the Bishops residing in our province: C. Hopeton Clennon, M. Blair Couch, J. Christian Giesler, Paul A. Graf, Douglas H. Kleintop, and Kay Ward, as they pray for the work of the church and provide counsel for our pastors;
  • the clergy of our province as they minister in settings as diverse as congregations, ecumenical agencies, prisons, and hospitals;
  • candidates for the ordained ministry to continue to be called by the Holy Spirit into the service of the Church: Elizabeth Hayworth, Timothy Naisby, and Linda Wisser and for God to call additional souls to serve the church through ordained ministry;
  • the retired clergy and their spouses; and
  • the countless lay people who give of their time and talent on numerous boards, committees, and task forces.


For your province, pray for…

  • the congregations and ministries of our province that we would be faithful to God’s invitation to join God at work in our neighborhoods and around the world;
  • passion for sharing the gospel in word and deed;
  • increased health of our congregations through the seven characteristics: purpose, community, mission and service, spiritual formation, worship, leadership, and stewardship;
  • our educational institutions: Moravian College, Moravian Theological Seminary, Moravian Academy, and Linden Hall;
  • our retirement communities and all who serve through them;
  • our conference and camping programs, including interprovincial ministry among young adults and youth;
  • Moravian Open Door ministries in New York City, and C.A.R.D.; and
  • other provincial institutions and the ministries they offer on our behalf.


For your congregation, pray for…

  • discernment of God’s leading for how your church participates in God’s ongoing work;
  • your joint board and program committees;
  • your pastor(s);
  • members and those involved with the life and witness of the congregation;
  • those with special needs (such as the ill and the home-bound);
  • ministries of worship, music, spiritual formation and nurture, outreach and evangelism, and social justice;
  • organizations of the congregation;
  • local ecumenical and community programs; and
  • your neighbors near and far.


 “I thank my God every time I remember you, constantly praying with joy in every one of my prayers for all of you because of your sharing in the gospel from the first day until now”

Philippians 1:3-5

2018 Unity Prayer Guide

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