2016 Opportunities to Serve!

Check out the brand new resource “SERVE” from the BWM, listing opportunities for you to be involved in mission in 2016!

Serve Catalog
Click on the picture to view the catalog.

Thank you for taking the time to look through a new resource from the Board of World Mission! We have eloquently titled this resource “Serve”, because that is what we are inviting you to do!

At the BWM, we feel we are all journeying together in God’s mission, and that as we respond together to the call to mission, we want to help bring people “IN” so we can encourage, equip and empower them to go “OUT”.

In SERVE  you will find mission opportunities that are available in 2015. Look closely, and you will see that there is at least one opportunity each month through the end of the year! There are opportunities both at home and abroad. Sign up on a team for a week to ten days, or an Antioch placement for a month or more!

Please note, some of these dates and trips are tentative based on interest. We need you to help fill these trips and make them a reality! If you have even slight interest in a specific opportunity, please let us know!

No, the locations listed here are not the only places we do mission, and not the only places we have teams traveling to in 2015. Rather it is a listing, as we know them now, of opportunities open to those with interest.

As we learn more about a specific opportunity, it will be posted on our website.

We are always available to answer questions or assist you in any way we can.

We look forward to sending you OUT to Serve in 2016!


2016 Opportunities to Serve!

2 thoughts on “2016 Opportunities to Serve!

  1. this looks amazing! I need to plan a trip for spring break 2016 for confirmation kids and older. Construction ish. I will be in touch Justin!

  2. I’m 74 1/2, in relatively good health. I’m particularly good in interacting with children, Seniors and handicapped. I’m an excellent reader, good at music – singing and directing. I’m a very good listener. I speak English fluently, and some high school German! If you have something in Mission where I could use my ‘skills’, just let me know. Betty

    #124, 612 – 111 St. SW
    Edmonton, AB
    Canada T6W 1R9

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