South African Mission Station Sustains Sigificant Damage in Fire

The Moravian Church in South Africa has sent out an appeal to the wider Moravian Unity following a horrific fire at their Mission Station in Wupperthal. Dr. Angelene Swart (former Provincial President) writes the following:

The year ended on a sad note for our church. A fire ravaged through the beautiful Moravian Mission station of Wupperthal. It is along the West Coast amid the Cedar Mountains about 293 kilometers from Cape Town.
The fire broke out on Sunday, December 30th destroying one of the parsonages where the female pastor and family lived, the hostel for school children from neighbouring farms, the hall, shop, butchery, bakery, guesthouses, restaurant and 53 homes—leaving 200 members homeless. Thanks be to God no lives were lost and the church building is still standing. Cause of fire is still being investigated.

We are asking that all members of our Moravian congregations hold the Wupperthal community in their prayers at this time as families determine what these losses will mean to their daily lives and livelihoods. As with all of these types of disasters, we are pleading for financial support of our Moravian Disaster Response program.

The Mission Station at Wupperthal was founded by German settlers of the Rhenish Missionary Society in 1830 and the Moravian Church took up the mission in 1965.

53 homes were destroyed in the fire as well as many of the Station’s Stores.

The Board of World Mission will be sending emergency financial assistance to the Moravian Church in South Africa to help with recovery efforts. You can help to support this and all Moravian disaster relief efforts by sending your donations marked for “MDR” to: Board of World Mission, 1021 Center Street, Bethlehem, PA 18018. Those living in Canada may send donations to: Moravian Church in Canada, 600 Acadia Drive SE, Calgary, AB T2J 0B8. You may also make donations on-line at and click on the green “Donate Now” link at the top of the page (this on-line option is not tax deductible for Canadians). Your support changes lives.

South African Mission Station Sustains Sigificant Damage in Fire

2 thoughts on “South African Mission Station Sustains Sigificant Damage in Fire

  1. I’m struggling to get any information on whether the Moravian Church in South Africa has sent or sponsored any Moravian Mission relief group, to assit in distributing contributions, in time honoured Moravian tradition of mission.

  2. Hello – this is Betsy Messick, member of Friedland Moravian Church in Winston-Salem. I am the secretary of our Mission Committee and we are interested in helping the people of Wupperthal. Can you please tell me if there is any insurance on the property? How much is the damage expected to cost? How much do they need? How much has been donated so far? How is this fire affecting the greater community? Thank you so much for any information that you can provide to me. I will go back and share it with our committee and hopefully we will be able to send some support.

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