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HIV/AIDS is a disaster of overwhelming magnitude that has had devastating effects on populations around the world, especially with our partners in Tanzania. But there is also evidence of risk of epidemic proportions developing in countries in Central America and the Caribbean, where other BWM partners reside.

We believe that faith organizations have a crucial role to play in combating this disease, both in raising awareness and understanding, in promoting preventive strategies and in compassionately caring for those who have HIV/AIDS. Many Moravian Congregations have joined with the Board of World Mission to support our partner provinces as they confront the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

Central Moravian Church, through its Sikonge Ministries, has been the catalyst for how the broad AIDS ministry of the North American Moravian Church has unfolded over the past 10 years. We want to invite you to visit their specific heading above to learn about this wonderful story and the amazing work that has taken place there. Likewise AIDS Ministries more broadly focuses on other areas of the Moravian Church’s medical work for which our congregations have indicated an interest, including some additional AIDS work.

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