The Moravian Church in Alaska

    The Moravian Church in Alaska

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    Moravians began ministry in Alaska in 1885 at the invitation of the Rev. Sheldon Jackson, a Presbyterian minister, accepting the invitation as a call from God to proclaim the gospel among the Yup’ik people. In time, other Christian denominations followed the Moravians to Alaska to minister to the native people. The first five missionaries reached the Kuskokwim River and held a worship service on June 21, 1885. Within five years three native helpers, Hooker, Lomuck, and Kawagaleg, were assisting the missionaries. Within ten years of the founding of the mission, more than twenty native helpers attended the first General Church Conference, in addition to the missionary staff. The Rev. John Kilbuck was perhaps the most influential and capable missionary during those first years. A native American himself, Kilbuck quickly learned the Yup’ik language. He instituted new strategies of outreach, centering the proclamation of the gospel in the existing villages, rather than establishing mission stations as had been done by Moravian missionaries in Greenland and Labrador. Moreover, Kilbuck established the use of Yup’ik as the language of the Moravian Church in Alaska, a policy which continues to the present.

    Current Scope of Ministry

    Over the years 22 congregations and fellowships have been established in Alaska, most of them in the Kuskokwim region. However, Moravian congregations are present also in Dillingham and in Anchorage. Alaskan Moravians elected their first fully native provincial board in 1978. In 1983 the Rev. Jacob Nelson was elected as the first native bishop of the Alaska Moravian Church. In 2013 Rev. Peter Green was elected a bishop.  A Bible Seminary was erected in 1984. The Rev. Kurt Vitt, Director of Theological Education from 1982 – 1996, was instrumental in leading the Moravian Church in Alaska into this important area of ministry.  The Rev. William Updegrove succeeded the Rev. Vitt as Seminary Director in 1996. A new dormitory and classroom space is being planned for construction in 2015.   The Alaska Province will be beginning mission outreach to Marshall, Alaska in 2015.


    The Rev. Isaac Amik is the Chairman of the Provincial Board of the Moravian Church in Alaska, which is headquartered in Bethel, Alaska.                              DSC02121

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    1. I have been to Alaska as a member of church build teams with Samaritans Purse for the past three years. Nunapitcuk, Mountain Village, and just returned from Dillingham yesterday. I have returned to Nunapitcuk the last two years to visit the churches and friends made while building the church.
      While visiting on Tuesday I was speaking with James (elder of the church) if there is anything the church is in need of, James showed me the books of Litergy and Hymns that are in very poor shape. I, our church, would like to purchase 25 new ones as a gift to the Moravian Church in Nunapitchuk. can you help me with the purchase. The ones I seen were published by the Moravian Church in Bethel in 1968. craig hewitt,

    2. Hello, I am looking for some history of a Moravian Village near Bethel which was used as a boarding school for Upik children. (Maybe near Kwethluk) we landed an airplane there in the early 1970s and the school helped us get airborne again. Thank you Ketchums

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