Likewise Ministries

Likewise Ministries addresses issues of HIV and AIDS, along with promoting models of community strengthening.

Likewise Ministries is the Moravian Church’s response to “Go and do likewise” (Luke 10:36-37) in living out the Gospel as we care for and love those affected by HIV/AIDS and raise awareness among our members about HIV and AIDS, with its local and global consequences. Likewise Ministries also seeks to walk beside our global partner provinces of the Unity of the World Wide Moravian Church in their efforts to provide hope, dignity and services to families and communities affected by the AIDS pandemic, as well as those who are vulnerable in our societies.

Who We Are

The Likewise Ministries are under the direction of a committee chaired by a member of the Board of Directors of the Board of World Mission. The Likewise AIDS Ministries Committee consists of 8 members from the North American Moravian Church with a wide range of experience in public health and HIV/AIDS, cross-cultural ministries, administration, research, and education.

Our Board of World Mission is affirms the work of Drs. Bill and Peg Hoffman to improve the lives of children impacted by HIV and AIDS in Tanzania. Through Likewise Ministries we also promote:

  • HIV prevention, including the prevention of mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT);
  • Education of clergy, lay leaders and congregations regarding HIV/AIDS, as well as confronting the stigma that can be associated with this disease;
  • Prevention strategies;
  • Care of those with HIV/AIDS, including physical, emotional, and spiritual care and the provision of treatment;
  • Care of orphans and vulnerable children (OVC)

Current Initiatives

Likewise Ministries supports:

  • HIV/AIDS patients at the Ahuas Clinic in Honduras to provide funds to cover flights to Puerto Lempira for management of treatment;
  • Vida Futura – a group of persons with HIV who under their social action program of ADSIM receive food distributions that help provide adequate nutrition to prevent disease and promote persons being able to secure and maintain employment;
  • Educational opportunities in collaboration with the Moravian Church in Guyana for prevention of HIV, as well as addressing issues of domestic violence
  • Ongoing support for the HUKWAFA program in Mwanza, Tanzania (see below).


(Huduma kwa Watoto na Familia—Serving Children and Family)

The Aim and Objective

HUKWAFA aims to improve the lives of the most vulnerable children in Magu district of Mwanza, Tanzania through delivering services in areas of psychosocial support, education, health, food and nutrition, shelter and care, protection and economic strengthening to children’s who are identified and enrolled into our project.

Our Strategies

  • Use of volunteer Mamas (women) who work closely with the most vulnerable children in the community.  They are from the same community where children live. These Mamas were trained on how to provide psychosocial support, paying home visits to project children, monitoring, documenting and reporting child’s progress
  • Forming income generating groups among parents and guardians of vulnerable children served under the project to help each other. Most of these parents/guardians are women with few men. This is part of the community strengthening program of HUKWAFA which intends to empower parents/guardian to take their obligation to provide basic needs to their children. Initial efforts have resulted in several income-generating projects being developed, as well as signs of improved lifestyle for the involved families.
  • Provision of services including food and nutrition, education materials and school fees for those enrolled into Secondary Schools, health support and psychosocial support

Our Target beneficiaries:

We serve children from age of 0 to 19 years old, both girls and boys. These are only those enrolled into a project. Out of the children identified by the community Most Vulnerable Children Committees, the following criteria were used for further prioritization and selection for child enrollment.

  1. Children experiencing neglect, abuse and / or exploitation
  2. Children living with elderly and infirm grandparents / caretakers
  3. Children living in extreme poverty
  4. Children living without adequate adult support (like in household with chronically ill parent; and/or a household headed by grandparent; and/or a household headed by a child
  5. Additional criteria as defined by the community

It should be noted that the project recognizes that not all orphan children are most vulnerable. And, it equally recognizes that children living with parents can be most vulnerable. Therefore during enrollment all these were taken into consideration

 How we work:

  • HUKWAFA collaborate with community to identify the children to be supported and also to build capacity of some of the women from the community in psychosocial support skills.  Women volunteer in monitoring child progress and in providing other project services.
  • Collaboration with local government: HUKWAFA works in close collaboration with local leaders at the grass roots level. Registration of most vulnerable children was done in collaboration with community development officer at village, village most vulnerable children committee (VMVCC), village executive officer as well as district council through community development department. Training sessions are provided for the Mamas and community groups in financial management and other important topics for community strengthening.

Where we work:

HUKWAFA has been operating in two villages; Magu and Gininiga in Mwanza region.  The villages are in Magu district, one among 8 districts found in Mwanza – Tanzania.


HUKWAFA is governed by the Board of Directors comprising five distinguished members of Moravian church from diverse professionals accounting, social science, medical practitioners, administrations and teachers. The Board of Directors provides strategic direction and aspiration and has been an essential part of what HUKWAFA is able to accomplish.

Ten volunteer Mamas (women) form the on-site leaders of the project.


HUKWAFA has gain 3 years experience in supporting Most Vulnerable Children in Magu, Mwanza. We are proud that we have achieved the followings

  • Supported 6 children to access Secondary School Education
  • Supported 10 Volunteer Mamas and 4 supervisors to start income generating activities by providing them with amount of money through volunteer mamas groups which are two; one from each village
  • Supported 250 MVC to access medical service through community health insurance fund which HUKWAFA has paid contribution to cover all children
  • Built capacity of 14 Volunteer Mamas in psychosocial support skills through trainings
  • Supported MVC parents and guardians groups to start their own income generating activities by providing them with an initial start-up fund that was combined with their own donations.


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