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Board of World Mission Second Mile Projects 2014

Gifts of Change

Blessed to Be a Blessing:

Second-Mile Projects are offered above and beyond common ministry funding as a way to support our partners in their move toward self-sustenance, particularly with emphases on leadership development, economic strengthening, and mission outreach.  All project requests come through the partner provincial office. This year the BWM is offering a new format to provide a broader range of opportunities for members of our congregations to contribute to Second-Mile Projects. Women’s and men’s groups, youth groups, and others might consider funding a specific project.  Funds received in excess of the needed amount will be applied to another project on the list. Please click on the following link to view options for Gifts of Change.


Additional Gifts of Change – Growing a Church in Peru The Peru Moravian Church consists of two house churches in Lima and two in Chiclayo.  The small area of their worship spaces has limited the ability of the churches to grow and the leaders are now seeking spaces to rent that will allow more stability for their young congregations, which celebrated their first baptisms on November 19th and 23rd.  One of the churches, under the leadership of Pastor Walter Calle and his wife Monica, has been offered to rent a three floor building in the Cruz de la Esperanza barrio, just across the dirt plaza from the house where the congregation currently meets.

Bldg 2 Cruz de la Esperanza 11 14
Current House Church

The new building will rent for S/500 per month and with light and water the cost is estimated at S/600 per month, which translates to about $200 per month.  The Board of World Mission is seeking congregations or individuals who would like to sponsor the Cruz de la Esperanza Church for one month of rent for 2015.  Once we have a commitment for the first three months the congregation can go ahead and secure this beautiful space that will allow opportunity not only for regular worship, but for income-generating projects.

Bldg Cruz de la Esperanza 11 14
Proposed Church Building

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